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FDA lashes out at Mylan for dismal quality control at HIV...

Facility making HIV drugs ignored bad quality control data, regulator says.

Lazarus Under The Hood

Today we'd like to share some of our findings, and add something new to what's currently common knowledge about Lazarus Group activities, and their connection to the much talked about February 2016 incident, when an unknown attacker attempted to steal up to $851M USD from Bangladesh Central Bank.

Industry Braces for Repeal of ISP Privacy Rules

Businesses say overturning one of the nation’s strongest internet privacy protection rules will deal a blow to data privacy, security and integrity for businesses and consumers alike.

The Mistakes of Smart Medicine

A technological boom in medicine both encouraged medical institutions to use exclusively information systems in processing data and led to the emergence of new types of technological equipment and personal devices that can be used to interact with traditional systems and networks.

This means that the threats that are relevant for them can also be relevant for medical systems.

Unfixed weaknesses in Confide stoke doubts about end-to-end crypto claims

Confidential messenger service provides no authentication or integrity assurances.

At death’s door for years, widely used SHA1 function is now...

Algorithm underpinning Internet security falls to first-known collision attack.

Bracket Computing Adds Forensic Capabilities to Isolation Platform

The Bracket Computing Cell platform in being expanded to provide organizations with event driven forensics and runtime integrity protection for running applications.

Mobile apps and stealing a connected car

The concept of a connected car, or a car equipped with Internet access, has been gaining popularity for the last several years.

By using proprietary mobile apps, it is possible to get some useful features, but if a car thief were to gain access to the mobile device that belongs to a victim that has the app installed, then would car theft not become a mere trifle?

IDC Sees Determinism as the Key to Security Integrity

At IDC's annual RSA Conference breakfast, the analyst firm provides statistics on the state of the security industry.

Testing out snapshots in Apple’s next-generation APFS file system

We brave beta software and do some cautious testing—and it looks like it works.

Elite: Dangerous pen-and-paper RPG stymied by intellectual property dispute

Complaint alleges infringement on behalf of original Elite co-creator Ian Bell.

Bracket Computing Brings Runtime Integrity to Isolation Platform

Computing Cell platform in being expanded with event driven forensics and runtime integrity protection for running applications.