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Trump voting commission wins right to collect state voter data

“The Commission is putting at risk the privacy of millions of registered voters.”

White House voter commission publishes names, numbers of worried citizens

Vice president's spokesman dismisses concerns: "These are public comments."

Trump election commission stops collecting personal voter data—for now

“We request that you hold on submitting any data,” commission tells states.

EPA must enforce methane emissions rules immediately after court decision

Obama-era rules on how methane is monitored by oil and gas companies remain.

States refuse to give Trump commission personal data of registered voters

Lawsuit: Commission asks states "to send voter records to an unsecure web site."

Niantic to punish Pokémon Go cheaters with mark of shame

Gamemaker says ill-gotten Pokeacute;mon "may not behave as expected."

IDG Contributor Network: Don’t let Netflix envy cloud your devops judgment

There is a lot of talk about devops these days, particularly how itrsquo;s a Trojan horse for slower IT shops that have struggled to digitize at a fast-enough pace.

But at what cost do you place speed over upholding the integrity and soundness of your software?I recently spoke on a panel at the MIT CIO Symposium called Running IT Like a Factory. One of my co-panelists, the CIO of a major bank, talked a lot about cloud-native companies, and how Netflix does 3,000 releases per month and Amazon does 11,000 releases per year. He also referenced the robustness of AWS and how companies like this can create a ton of value very quickly.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Surprising no one, Tim Cook says Apple is “focusing” on auto...

Also calls electric driving “a marvelous experience," expects ride sharing to take off.

Senators want FBI to find out who attacked net neutrality comment...

Democrats ask FBI to prioritize investigation and locate source of attack.

Acronis Backup 12.5 features world’s first blockchain-based data integrity verification and...

Not only does Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced and Standard Editions ensure the authenticity and integrity of data backups by storing backup file checksum certificates in the blockchain database, but it also features automatic ransomware protection.

NPM 5 reworks the cache for speed, but could break existing...

NPM, the popular JavaScript package manager, is being upgraded for better performance.Expected to be released tomorrow, NPM Version 5.0 is two to six times faster than NPM 4, said Kat Marchan, a member of the NPM team. Other improvements include bet...

How to build your own VPN if you’re (rightfully) wary of...

While not perfect, either, cloud hosting providers have a better customer data record.