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Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Strong enterprise cybersecurity programs must be a built on a framework that incorporates strategic, operational, and tactical leadership and goals.
There is never a good time to reveal a cyber attack. But with EU's GDPR looming, the fallout is only going to get harder and more expensive if you wait.
The ride-sharing company has confirmed an October 2016 data breach that compromised 57 million accounts.

Intel Firmware Flaws Found

Another big firmware security issue affecting Intel processors, requires OEM updates.
Researcher at Black Hat Europe will show how Samsung Pay's security falls short and ways attackers could potentially bypass it.
But dropping cross-site request forgeries from list is a mistake, some analysts say.
A new report calls for international collaboration to create more transparency with virtual currencies and track money used for cybercrime.
'Winter is coming,' DoJ official says of overseas hackers such as the alleged HBO hacker who steal intellectual property from the US.
Consumers struggle to determine the safety of online shopping websites, putting them at risk for holiday hacking.
Internal security departments would do well to follow the processes of major credit cards.
As the mega-shopping day approaches, here's a look at six examples of phishing attacks - and ways to avoid taking the bait.
A security expert found a way to work around Microsoft's Address Space Randomization Layer, which protects the OS from memory-based attacks.