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Broadcom Chipset Bug in Android and iOS Smartphones Allows Remote Attack

Security researcher found a common flaw in Android and iOS smartphone chipsets that could allow a remote exploit to be unleashed on millions of devices.

Inside the Investigation and Trial of Roman Seleznev

The officials who convicted the credit card thief discussed the investigation, evidence, trial, and challenges involved in his case.

Get Ready for the 2038 ‘Epocholypse’ (and Worse)!

A leading security researcher predicts a sea of technology changes that will rock our world, including the Internet of Things, cryptocurrency, SSL encryption and national security.

How to Build a Path Toward Diversity in Information Security

Hiring women and minorities only addresses half the issue for the IT security industry -- the next step is retaining these workers.

The Right to Be Forgotten & the New Era of Personal...

Because of the European Union's GDPR and other pending legislation, companies must become more transparent in how they protect their customers' data.

Can Your Risk Assessment Stand Up Under Scrutiny?

Weak risk assessments have gotten a pass up until now, but that may be changing.

Downtime from Ransomware More Lethal to Small Businesses Than the Ransom

New survey of small-to midsized businesses (SMBs) shows half of SMBs infected with malware suffer 25 hours or more of business disruption.

How Attackers Use Machine Learning to Predict BEC Success

Researchers show how scammers defeat other machines, increase their success rate, and get more money from their targets.

Adobe’s Move to Kill Flash Is Good for Security

In recent years, Flash became one of the buggiest widely used apps out there.