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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Updated Vulnerability Equities Process provides transparency into how government will handle new vulnerabilities that it discovers in vendor products and services.
Security Pro File: Fred Kwong learned people skills in the classroom and technical skills on the job.

The former psychology major, now CISO at Delta Dental, shares his path to cybersecurity and how he applies his liberal arts background to his current ...
Eight apps found infected with a new Trojan family that ups the ante in obfuscation with four payload stages.
By their very nature, antiquated, static identifiers like Social Security numbers and dates of birth are worse than passwords.
Forever 21 learned an unauthorized actor may have accessed payment card data at certain retail stores.
ReFirm Labs' launches Centrifuge Platform, which aims to automatically detect security vulnerabilities in IoT firmware.
Security pros list red flags indicating an insider attack and best practices to protect against accidental and malicious exposure.
How state-of-the-art tools make it practical and cost-effective to identify and engage attackers in early lateral movement stages to prevent them from reaching critical systems and data.
Neural fuzzing can help uncover bugs in software better than traditional tools, company says.
Some 40% of disclosed vulns as of Q3 are rated as severe, new Risk Based Security data shows.
Researchers claim Microsoft Word vulnerability CVE-2017-11881, patched today, has existed for 17 years.
The vast majority of respondents to a new survey are deploying IoT technologies for building safety in the form of security cameras.