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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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IT security teams may be in for a surprise about their mobile exposure as the GDPR compliance deadline approaches, according to a new survey.
Cybersecurity experts can learn how to do a better job by keeping a close eye on the gridiron.
The deal will give Cloudflare technology to optimize mobile security, performance.
Home and business security giant launches ADT Cybersecurity to offer managed detection and response (MDR) service.
The more frequently you release apps, the more security vulnerabilities you are likely to introduce in the code, a new study confirms.
A rundown of some of the hottest security product areas, and vendors helping to shape them.
IBM researchers uncover a new form of banking malware distributed as a second-stage infection via the Emotet Trojan.
Optiv ramps up its growth strategy with an acquisition of Conexsys, security and networking firm based in Toronto.
A common framework will help in the development of cyber-risk management efforts.
A newly discovered strain of Locky ransomware has been discovered masquerading as legitimate Microsoft Word documents.
Changes to Google Chrome aim to prevent users from being redirected to unexpected websites and unwanted content.