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Andy Ellis, CSO Akamai, discusses how the company works with others within the cybersecurity landscape to help keep the internet safe.
Despite numerous talks about IoT vulnerabilities at RSAC this week, a clear resolution on a fixes is nowhere in sight.
At RSA Conference, Senrio researchers will show how relatively unskilled attackers can steal personally identifiable information without coming into contact with endpoint security tools.
Microsoft is using AI to help businesses protect their users and is leaning on Linux to help safeguard the internet of things.
Next-generation technologies including the blockchain and IoT are at the top of Intel's cybersecurity priority list.
If we’re to build a massively scalable internet of things, we’re going to need tools that can handle hundreds of thousands of devices and a massive throughput of data.

That’s hard to deliver with on-premises systems, but one that’s eminently suited ...
Azure Sphere, now in preview, is a three-part program designed to secure the future of connected devices and powered by its own custom version of Linux.
And it talks to Azure.

Cortana probably spotted lurking nearby Microsoft has designed a family of Arm-based system-on-chips for Internet-of-Things devices that runs its own flavor of Linux – and securely connects to an Azure-hosted backend.…
This is Redmond’s first ever Linux distribution.
Microsoft is introducing new custom silicon, a Linux-based embedded OS and cloud service aimed at securing microcontroller-based devices.
The pushback against regulation starts here IoT security regulations could stifle innovation without addressing the security problems at hand, a well-respected security researcher controversially argues.…

A bungled Internet of Things (IoT) update means you can't switch your swimming pool to spa mode. Laugh all you want: When the HVAC or your home security system fails, the implications are serious.