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Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Two-thirds of today’s businesses have digitized, and the rest are moving in that direction. While right now this is happening in lockstep with rapid, global growth in spaces like mobile e-commerce and the internet of things (IoT), in the near future...
I’m always interested in datacenters because I live in Northern Virginia, where a new one opens about once a month, leveraging a huge bundle of fiber coming out of the ground near Dulles Airport and cheap power sources.
Indeed, they now call my regi...
Is it malicious? So far it's hard to tell.

For now it's a giant blinking red light in security researchers faces warning us that we'd better figure out how to secure the Internet of Things.
Docker support + location tracking mesh = plug-in backbone for all the networked things.
ReFirm Labs' launches Centrifuge Platform, which aims to automatically detect security vulnerabilities in IoT firmware.
In a keynote at the SecTor security conference, Bruce Schneier makes a case for more regulatory oversight for software and the Internet of Things
In a keynote address at the SecTor security conference, IBM Resilient Systems CTO Bruce Schneier makes a case for more regulatory oversight for software and the internet of things.
It can be hard to pin down a definition of edge computing.
Some companies look at it in terms of networks, others in terms of datacenters.

For Microsoft, it’s a distributed cloud that encompasses every computer, no matter how small and how limited.M...
Software Adoption, Renewals and Consumption Insight Enables Software, SaaS and IoT GrowthMaidenhead – Nov. 15, 2017 – Flexera, the company that’s reimagining how software is bought, sold, managed and secured, today unveiled a new Soft...
Looking back at a year like 2017 brings the internal conflict of being a security researcher into full view: on the one hand, each new event is an exciting new research avenue for us, as what were once theoretical problems find palpable expression in reality. On the other hand, as people with a heightened concern for the security posture of users at large, each event is a bigger catastrophe.
Since there is no such thing as an always secure device, Internet of Things Alliance Australia has said a certification tick will ensure a device can be secure if used in recommended ways.
The vast majority of respondents to a new survey are deploying IoT technologies for building safety in the form of security cameras.