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The Pwnie Express Internet of Evil Things report finds that most cyber-security professionals expect a major attack in the next five years.
Few organizations have a security policy in place for Internet of Things devices, new survey shows.
There's a major disconnect between Internet of Things governance and risk management, according to a new report.

Follow these five steps to address the risks.
This article discusses our project that involved searching for vulnerabilities in implementations of the OPC UA protocol. We hope to draw the attention of vendors that develop software for industrial automation systems and the industrial IoT to problems associated with using such widely available technologies.
Researchers infected devices and totted up all the 'leccy and bandwidth they used Berkeley boffins reckon the Dyn-based Internet of Things attack that took down Brian Krebs' Website in 2016 cost device owners over $US320,000.…
In the world of testing and devops, it’s easy to take on a Dickensian view: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” Technology has changed the practices of developing and testin...
Called out as two common IT threads in my December blog, how do intelligence and automation connect with another prominent movement, the internet of things (IoT)?First, consider these 2017 predictions in the IDC FutureScape on IoT.

By 2019, At least...
Organizations are rushing to leverage Internet of Things solutions but struggle to design the information technology architectures that will lock down the data these devices create.
Microsoft is using AI to help businesses protect their users and is leaning on Linux to help safeguard the internet of things.
If we’re to build a massively scalable internet of things, we’re going to need tools that can handle hundreds of thousands of devices and a massive throughput of data.

That’s hard to deliver with on-premises systems, but one that’s eminently suited ...
This is Redmond’s first ever Linux distribution.

A bungled Internet of Things (IoT) update means you can't switch your swimming pool to spa mode. Laugh all you want: When the HVAC or your home security system fails, the implications are serious.