Thursday, January 18, 2018
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But pro-net neutrality groups will sue FCC to reinstate consumer protections.
Net neutrality will depend almost entirely on ISPsrsquo; promises.
Three-year-old "no paid prioritization" pledge was suddenly removed.
Net neutrality rules unnecessary because ISPs will do the right thing, Pai says.
Comcast still won't block or throttlemdash;but paid prioritization may be on the way.
Franken: Google, Facebook and others are a "new kind" of Internet gatekeeper.
The BGP Path Validation draft standards were designed to ensure that Internet traffic flows only along digitally signed, authorized paths.
Fast pipe from Vladivostok gives N. Korea more Internet in face of US cyber
In a time where services and their consumers are ubiquitous, security risks to enterprise systems and data are exploding. Security offerings from cloud service providers are promising but still traditional in nature and sometimes soft targets for se...
New service aims to go beyond a traditional Content Delivery Network, to reduce latency and improve security.
FISA court narrows what NSA can collect, because NSA can't stop "incidental" collection.
We can all rest easy.

Ajit Pai is going to restore the free and open internet we’ve been pining for, lo these past two years.In his speech at a FreedomWorks event this week, the FCC chief lamented the lost golden age of broadband, which we lived in before onerous net neutrality regulations were passed that mandated ISPs treat all internet traffic equally and forbid them from blocking or throttling users’ access to content.[ Read ‘em and weep: 5 ways your ISP is screwing you. | 5 more ways your ISP is screwing you. | Cut to the key news in technology trends and IT breakthroughs with the InfoWorld Daily newsletter, our summary of the top tech happenings. ]In the two years since the “serious mistake” of Title II classification was foisted upon the telecommunications industry, the country has been plagued by a decline in infrastructure investment, according to Pai.

The consequences are dire: Fewer Americans will have access to high-speed internet, there will be fewer jobs, less competition, and declining test scores—no wait, he failed to mention that last one. Regardless, net neutrality is the culprit.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here