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Washington lawmaker: FCC canrsquo;t preempt state laws “just because it says so."
Uber disputes a key element of the other driver's story.
Overwatch and Call of Duty won't be Olympic sports any time soon.
"Not to pick on them, but we don't work on SpaceX schedules."
“Itrsquo;s as if someone walked into my home with a knife and asked me for $35,000.”
For ~$50K you can clone your beloved pet, too.

But should you?
Therersquo;s not much USCYBERCOM, NSA can do without presidential ordermdash;maybe even with one.
At launch, serious issues loom, but it's otherwise the most compelling RTS in years.
“Itrsquo;s the same as pornography.... we are reaping what wersquo;ve sown here.”
We need to recognize Apollo as a historical event, not a model for future exploration.
On GitHub, developers are spending more time on cross-platform development, deep learning, and acquring new coding skills, based on the popular code-sharig site’s analysis of activity on GiHub in 2017.Google’s Angular JavaScript framework and Tensor...
“I feel super optimistic.

But I feel as though that optimism has no basis in fact.”