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A fascinating graphic novel about the origins of Dungeons & Dragons

Rise of the Dungeon Master explores the people who changed storytelling with DD.

Lawbreakers dev: PC/console cross-platform play is “dumb”

Bleszinski says developing for keyboard/mouse and console leads to “balance issues.”

Uber threatens to fire Levandowski if he doesn’t comply with court...

Can Uber engineer be forced to choose between the Fifth Amendment and his job?

Oculus cofounder bristles at being “disqualified” for Trump support

After leaving Facebook, Luckey blasts "fake media" for "BS claims" on donations.

New networking hire’s lazy habits pull down the team

Ever had to deal with an IT team member who didnrsquo;t pull their weight? Herersquo;s my experience.We had an open position in the networking team to fill.

A junior co-worker knew of a person hersquo;d worked with in the past.

A phone interview was conducted, and we invited the candidate in for a face-to-face meeting. [ Have a tech story to share? If we publish it, wersquo;ll send you a $50 American Express gift cardmdash;and keep you anonymous.
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He did OK in the interview process, having some experience in routers and firewalls, and was hired as a network engineer, level 1.
I was selected to train him on the processes we used, documentation standards, and backing up the systems. He took notes, asked questions, and seemed to be getting with the program.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Liveblog: Google I/O 2017

See the next version of Android O, and a ton of other new stuff!

Drones: Is the Sky the Limit showcases drone tech from earliest...

Any drone lover will want to check out the Intrepid Museum's latest exhibit.

Lawyer: Cops “deliberately misled” judge who seemingly signed off on stingray

“Any system that is not transparent is inherently corrupt.”

Tim Cook announces $1 billion investment in “advanced” US manufacturing

Apple also created a page highlighting the jobs it already supports in the US.

Greater Manchester cops fined after victim interview vids lost in post

Were they unencrypted? You bet they were Greater Manchester Police has been fined £150,000 after three DVDs containing footage of interviews with victims of violent or sexual crimes were lost in the post.…

The AI revolution is making game characters move more realistically

Neural network makes for smarter-looking avatars, not just smarter enemies

It’s Russian hackers, FBI and Wikileaks wot won it – Hillary...

Oddly, fails to mention massive voter distrust, strategic failings Hillary Clinton today gave her first full interview since dramatically losing the US presidential election – and has placed the blame for her downfall on Russian hackers, FBI director James Comey and Wikileaks.…