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Twitter and Tear Gas book explores new world of online protests

The protest frontiers are changing.

An entrenched researcher explains why they work.

Man who downloaded child porn from Tor-hidden Playpen sentenced to 6...

Government seized and operated child porn site for 13 days, got IP addresses.

What Interests Children Online

As part of this report, we analyze the collected data in our quest for the answer to the question of what interests the current generation of children online.

IT threat evolution Q1 2017. Statistics

According to KSN data, Kaspersky Lab solutions detected and repelled 479,528,279 malicious attacks from online resources located in 190 countries all over the world.

File antivirus detected a total of 174,989,956 unique malicious and potentially unwanted objects.

Chelsea Manning, who served more prison time than any US leaker,...

Early release needed to continue transition-related healthcare, Manning said.

ISIS builds quadcopter “bomber” with DJI drone and badminton supplies

Downed drone outside Mosul shows off-the-shelf tech creatively used to kill.

“Nothing is impossible”: Trump donation server defaced

"Pro_Mast3r" takes over server associated with campaign donations.

Former US Army National Guard member jailed for supporting ISIS

The 27-year-old has been charged with attempting to help members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

US visitors may have to reveal social media passwords to enter...

"If they don't want to cooperate, then you don't come in."

Trump’s ban becomes an H-1B fight

The U.S. technology industry warned President Donald Trump that his immigration order will hurt the U.S. economy by making it more difficult for businesses to attract overseas workers.

The administration's seven-country ban is, for the tech industry...

Microsoft to feds: Please exempt our immigrant workers hit by travel...

"There is no evidence that they pose a security or safety threat to the United States."

Judge orders halt to Trump’s immigration executive order

Court ruling, however, was silent about refugees and tourists trying to enter US.