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A month after publishing a public consultation on options for establishing immediate payments systems, the Bank of Israel is reportedly considering issuing cryptocurrencies.
Publicly traded company helps country spy on critics, no questions asked.
Looking back at a year like 2017 brings the internal conflict of being a security researcher into full view: on the one hand, each new event is an exciting new research avenue for us, as what were once theoretical problems find palpable expression in reality. On the other hand, as people with a heightened concern for the security posture of users at large, each event is a bigger catastrophe.
Gaza cybergang is an Arabic politically motivated cyber criminal group, operating since 2012 and is actively targeting the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region.

Gaza cybergang attacks have never slowed down, recent targets by the group does seem to be varied in nature, attackers do not seem to be selectively choosing targets, but rather seeking different kinds of MENA intelligence.
Explosive new claims also put a bomb under US-Israeli cooperation The brouhaha over Russian spies using Kaspersky antivirus to steal NSA exploits from a staffer's home PC took an explosive turn on Tuesday.…
NYT says Israeli spies burrowed inside Kaspersky's network caught Russia red handed.
The Isreali government notified the US of Russia's use of Kaspersky software, NYT reports, prompting the US to ban federal use of the software.
US, Indian, Saudi Arabian, Israeli, Iraqi IT, security, executives in oil/gas and aerospace swept up in elaborate social media ruse used for cyber espionage operations.
“We on some Bonnie Clyde shit I couldnrsquo;t have choose a Better partner crime lol.”
The deal marks Symantec's second purchase of an Israeli cybersecurity startup in less than a week.
Fireglass' claim to fame is its browser isolation technology that helps businesses combat ransomware, malware and phishing threats.
Acquisition of Israeli security startup aims to strengthen Windows 10 security with artificial intelligence, company says.