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Sneaky ‘fileless’ malware flung at Israeli targets

Spies, bank raiders gravitate to growing stealth technique A newly uncovered cyber-espionage campaign targeting Israeli organisations relies on "fileless" malware, a hacker tactic that's becoming a growing menace.…

Iranian Hackers Believed Behind Massive Attacks on Israeli Targets

OilRig aka Helix Kitten nation-state group leveraged Microsoft zero-day bug in targeted attacks.

IDG Contributor Network: Samsung’s IoT devices are a hacker’s dreamland

I love IoT.
I also love mixed reality, and I can see how the two will transform the world around us and take us out of this ugly mess of laptops and smartphones, etc.

But IoT vendors like Samsung are ruining it for me, and for everyone else.Samsung makes its money by manufacturing and selling devices. I love Samsung hardware and an own couple of their IoT devices, but I despise their software.

Their attempt to create their own crappy and substandard replacement of Google software is hurting the company.Samsung is ruining IoT for me.According to Israeli researcher Amihai Neiderman, Samsung's Linux-based Tizen OS has more than 40 zero-day flaws. Many of these allow an attacker to remotely compromise Tizen OS powered devices.

Tizen OS powers Samsung’s smart devices, including my 4K TV.

There are millions of IoT devices running on Tizen OS, and all of these devices are vulnerable, including my Smart TV.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Samsung’s Tizen is riddled with security flaws, amateurishly written

Research calls it the "worst code [he's] ever seen."

Notorious iOS spyware has an Android sibling

Security researchers have uncovered the Android version of an iOS spyware known as Pegasus in a case that shows how targeted electronic surveillance can be.Called Chrysaor, the Android variant can steal data from messaging apps, snoop over a phone’s camera or microphone, and even erase itself.[ Android is now ready for real usage in the enterprise. Read InfoWorld's in-depth guide on how to make Android a serious part of your business. | Get the best office suite and the 38 best business-worthy apps for your Android device. ] On Monday, Google and security firm Lookout disclosed the Android spyware, which they suspect comes from NSO Group, an Israeli security firm known to develop smartphone surveillance products.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Two Israeli Youths May Be Charged for vDOS Operation

Israeli authorities prepare to accuse two 18-year-olds for the online attack service, which caused $1.65 million in losses.

Intel set to buy Mobileye in $15.3 billion deal

Intel's Automated Driving Group will be integrated into Mobileye, run from Israel.

Hackers are using this Android malware to spy on Israeli soldiers

Social engineering employed to distribute ViperRAT malware which uses infected devices to take photos and record audio.

Mystery deepens over Android spyware targeting Israeli soldiers

'Unlikely Hamas is responsible' – researchers Hackers are continuing to target Israeli Defence Force (IDF) personnel with Android spyware but doubts have emerged that Hamas is behind the cyber-spying operation.…

Breaking The Weakest Link Of The Strongest Chain

Around July last year, more than a 100 Israeli servicemen were hit by a cunning threat actor.

The attack compromised their devices and exfiltrated data to the attackers’ C&C.
In addition, the compromised devices were pushed Trojan updates.

The operation remains active at the time of writing this post.

Hack reveals data company Cellebrite works with everyone from US cops...

Enlarge / Leeor Ben-Peretz is the executive vice president of the Israeli firm Cellebrite.JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images reader comments 38 Share this story On Thursday, Vice Motherboard reported that an unnamed source provided the site with 900GB of data hacked from Cellebrite, the well-known mobile phone data extraction company. Among other products, Cellebrite's UFED system offers "in-depth physical, file system, password, and logical extractions of evidentiary data," and is often the go-to product for law enforcement to pull data from seized phones and other devices. In a statement, Cellebrite called this hack "illegal" and noted that "the company is not aware of any specific increased risk to customers as a result of this incident; however, my.Cellebrite account holders are advised to change their passwords as a precaution." In addition, the trove of materials contains “customer support tickets” showing that the Israeli company sells its services to countries with questionable human rights records, including Turkey, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. Cellebrite’s own website shows that the company works with numerous local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, ranging from the Hartford, Connecticut police to the North Wales police in the United Kingdom. (The company reportedly aided the FBI to unlock the seized San Bernardino iPhone that became the center of a protracted legal battle.) However, little is known about the company’s business in many parts of the world. This would not be the first time that a digital surveillance company sold to unsavory regimes.
In 2015, data dumps from Hacking Team showed that it sold exploits to Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Similarly, in 2014, documents leaked online showing that software created by the controversial UK-based Gamma Group International was used to spy on computers that appeared to be located in the US, the UK, Germany, Russia, Iran, and Bahrain.