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20 identical I-Pace electric cars will take part in the 10-round eTrophy.
Clarkson, May, and Hammond go to Switzerland in some supercars.
Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Jaguar, and Porsche bring Nordschleife credentials to the show.
It was a little buggy, but we think the final product will be a good one.
The ride-hailing service is on the ups, but GM might be headed to Uber.
But we have to wait for the 2019 model year for the P400e plug-in hybrids.
VW will have an electric or plug-in version of every car it sells.
A mix of fully electric, plug-in hybrid, and mild hybrid vehicles are promised.
The batteries and motor are the same size and shape as the old XK powertrain.
The company is planning for a much smaller footprint.
Fun to drive, carries plenty of cargo, but let down by a punishing low-speed ride.
Get ready for semi-regular hardware upgrades in a more solid ecosystem.