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Startups plan to make hybrid airplanes, and eventually purely electric ones.
Latest iFixit teardown answers some questions, leaves others up in the air.
Warming will push coffee uphill and could limit pollinators.
Company: Juice bag delivery “requires infrastructure that we cannot achieve on our own.”
Current price "not a realistic way for us to fulfill our mission," CEO allegedly writes.
This inexpensive smartphone charger from Anker is the size of a candy bar, and has enough juice to recharge any smartphone, including the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, at least 1-2 times over.
It's discounted 64% to just $18.

The Astro E1 currently averages ...
Levels are below FDArsquo;s decades-old standards, but latest data says no level safe.
Up to $55,000 in prizes for those who can juice up supercomputer software.
Machine applies equal pressure across the surface area of the juice bags.
The company claims its cold-press hardware has a copycat.
The image is only revealed if the right color laser is shone on surface.
CEO Jeff Dunn takes to Medium to post a defense of his business.