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First-ever US Honda Civic Type R finally arrives with 306 horsepower

UK-assembled, US-powered, the global Civic Type R finally hits America this June.

Why Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the biggest system seller...

The game is actually selling better than the system it runs on, somehow.

This is what emulated Breath of the Wild looks like at...

CEMU emulator upscales the Wii U version on a PC very nicely.

Penquin’s Moonlit Maze

Moonlight Maze is the stuff of cyberespionage legend.
In 1996, in the infancy of the Internet, someone was rummaging through military, research, and university networks primarily in the United States, stealing sensitive information on a massive scale.

To say that this historic threat actor is directly related to the modern day Turla would elevate an already formidable modern day attacker to another league altogether.

Your save data is not safe on the Nintendo Switch

If your system breaks, you may kiss all your in-game progress goodbye.

It wasn’t the money: Wozniak on robots, design, and Apple’s origins

More than 40 years after founding Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak has a lot to say about the early days of the world’s richest company—and about technology, learning, and being a born engineer.On stage at the IEEE TechIgnite conference in Burlingame, California, on Wednesday, Wozniak gave a glimpse into how a tech legend thinks.[ Have a tech story to share? If we publish it, we’ll send you a $50 American Express gift card — and keep you anonymous.
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On open source In the early Seventies, Wozniak read about phone phreaking, in which “phreakers” made free phone calls by using electronics to mimic the tones used for dialing each number.

To learn how to do it, he went to the only place he knew that had books and magazines about computers: The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. He went on a Sunday and walked right in. “The smartest people in the world don’t lock doors,” Wozniak said.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Hard-to-find Nintendo Switch sees 47% resale markup

$300 system selling for up to $810 on eBay.

Report: Nintendo has sold more than 1.5 million Switches in the...

Data says 500k sold in US, 360k in Japan, and around 200k in the UK and France.

Switch ‘n swole: We take Nintendo’s new console to the gym...

A little sweat puts entirely new perspective on the overpriced Joy-Con controllers.

A Wii U owner’s send-off to a deeply flawed but essential...

Zelda: Breath of the Wild caps off a unique console that never found its footing.

Breath of the Wild may be the best Zelda game ever

Review: Link's latest captures the wonder of exploration.

Nintendo used 8-bit Zelda engine to prototype Breath of the Wild...

Physics and chemistry puzzles tested with older engine. Will we ever see Zelda Maker?