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New firmware expands feature set and boosts authentication speed of 10ZiG Thin and Zero Clients using OneSign Single Sign-On (SSO) from Imprivata.Leicester, UK – 10ZiG Technology announces new firmware release surrounding the Imprivata OneSignreg; Single Sign-On feature set on 10ZiG PeakOStrade; Linux Thin Clients and NOStrade; Zero Clients.

The update introduces Imprivata ProveID workflows and Direct Citrix API functionality.Imprivata ProveID workflows:This update enables virtual channel support between 10ZiG Thin or Zero Clients and VMware Horizon... Source: RealWire
Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is fully integrated and completely supported by 10ZiG 4448p and 5848qp Zero Clients. Powerful RAS VDI platform offers host of benefits including cost efficiency, enhanced security, advanced accessibility options and comprehensive cloud support.Leicester, UK – Two dedicated 10ZiG Zero Clients fully support the Remote Application Server (RAS) platform from Parallels, 10ZiG Technology announces. 10ZiG developed the 4448p and 5848qp Zero Clients as dedicated endpoints for the Parallels Remote Application Server... Source: RealWire
10ZiG Technology® proudly announces the launch of its totally redesigned website, www.10ZiG.com - combining advanced functionality with enhanced visual appeal. Leicester, UK – 10ZiG, a world-market leader in Thin & Zero Client VDI Technology proudly announces the launch of its entirely redesigned, user-friendly, fully featured website, www.10ZiG.com.

The new website launch is the final phase of a recent full-blown company rebrand involving an updated logo, fresh and modern branding colours and a new look-and-feel to... Source: RealWire
10ZiG Technology® achieves full certification of Imprivata® OneSign® Single-Sign-On (SSO) following integration into their PeakOS Linux Thin Clients and NOS Software Zero Clients. Leicester, UK – 10ZiG is now offering fully certified Imprivata OneSign® on their PeakOS™ Linux Thin Clients and NOS™ Software Zero Clients, simplifying access to virtual desktops in healthcare environments.Imprivata certification allows 10ZiG customers lightning fast and highly secure access to clinical and administrative applications; streamlining workflow by negating the need to... Source: RealWire
Baddies stole food, not credit card data, protests firm Customers of online takeaway firm Deliveroo are getting their accounts hijacked and charged for food they never ordered, according to an investigation by BBC One's Watchdog. Investigators from the campaigning TV consumer affairs programme uncovered evidence that scores of customers of the newly be-logo-ed Deliveroo are being defrauded by cybercriminals. Deliveroo customer Judith MacFadyen from Reading told Watchdog: "I noticed that I had a 'thank you' email from Deliveroo for a burger joint in Chiswick.
I thought this is really odd, so I went on to my account and had a look and there had been four orders that afternoon to a couple of addresses in London." Fraudsters had hacked into Ms MacFadyen's account and ordered chicken, burgers, chips, and milkshakes that were delivered to addresses 30 miles away from her home. More than £240 was taken from a debit card linked to her account. Ms MacFadyen, who quickly cancelled her card, subsequently discovered hackers changed her address and phone number before ordering food at her expense.
Steve Tappin was charged £98 for a delivery from a TGI Friday – 86 miles away from his home in London. In another case, fraudsters hacked into the account of two student flatmates from Southampton University before ordering four curries, six naans and a kebab to an address in Leicester – 120 miles away. Other fraudulent orders from the same account included three grilled chickens, four pizzas, five cheesecakes, garlic bread and eight bottles of Vodka to multiple locations across London – over 60 miles away from their home. The pair lost £440 in total after Deliveroo's systems failed to raise fraud warnings about multiple orders to addresses miles apart from each other all on the same night. Victims have being reimbursed for their losses, the BBC reports.

The Watchdog episode is due to air in the UK at 20:00 on 23 November. Experts quizzed by the BBC team faulted Deliveroo for failing to do enough to prevent fraudulent transactions.

The three-year-old startup ought to require the CVV2 code on bank cards as well as checking the address on orders is close to or the same as pre-registered addresses. It seems that cybercriminals had used stolen passwords from unrelated breaches in order to hijack compromised accounts, a well-known hacker trick sometimes known as credential stuffing.

A Deliveroo spokesperson told El Reg: We are aware of these cases raised by Watchdog – they involve stolen food, not credit card numbers.

These issues occur when criminals use a password stolen from another service unrelated to our company in a major data breach.

The stolen password is then used to fraudulently access someone's account.

This is why we urge customers to use strong and unique passwords for every service they use. It is our policy not to comment on specific anti-fraud countermeasures because we don't want to provide public guidelines on how we detect fraud to criminals.

That said, we can assure customers that we are constantly improving our security measures, and make regular upgrades to our practices. Recently, this included frequently asking customers to verify themselves when entering a new address. We also use industry-leading anti-fraud measures and deploy anomaly detection techniques through machine learning to track patterns of criminal activity.

This blocks transactions when our system detects suspicious activity. On the rare occasions when fraud does occur, we work with customers to secure their account, reimburse them for fraudulent transactions and where appropriate work with the relevant authorities. Kevin Cunningham, founder and president at identity firm SailPoint, said that the frauds against Deliveroo customers illustrates the "chaining" or "domino effect" that data breaches can have across multiple organisations. Password reuse, the suspected root cause of the frauds against Deliveroo customers, is very common, he added. ® Sponsored: Customer Identity and Access Management
10ZiG Technology introducing enhanced V1206-PD and V1206-PDS Zero Clients, featuring DP + DVI and Smart Card capabilities.Leicester, United Kingdom – Two new advanced dual screen Zero Clients, the V1206-PD and V1206-PDS, 10ZiG Technology announces. 10ZiG Technology logo The V1206-PD comes standard with six USB 2.0 ports and two high-resolution video ports, one for DP (DisplayPort) and one for DVI (Digital Video Interface).

The maximum screen resolution is 2560x1600 for a single screen, 1920x1200 for dual screens. The V1206-PDS adds to these features the many benefits of an integrated Smart Card Reader.

This includes high security desktop authentication on the Secret Internet Protocol Routed Network (SIPRNet) and other classified networks that use CAC (Common Access Card) authentication. Smart Card technology has become a security standard in areas of research and development, government, healthcare, finance and education, where classified, highly sensitive or personal information is handled.

Additional security is provided by AES-128/AES-256 Suite B Cipher encryption found in the PCoIP protocol. These two TAA compliant Zero Clients feature new streamlined form factors and are powered by the potent Teradici TERA2321 (Tera 2) PCoIP Portal Processor. Overall power consumption is as low as eight watts for both the V1206-PD and V1206-PDS. Other features include a centralized management utility, optional Fibre SFP module and full compatibility with VMware Horizon, Amazon AWS and other PCoIP platforms. Rugged, low-maintenance, Solid-State construction featuring no moving parts or wear components rounds out a list of impressive specifications. Complementing the true Zero Client experience of easy centralized management, no virus exposure and no operating system is the peace of mind of 10ZiG’s Advanced Exchange Three Year Warranty. 10ZiG’s warranty is one of the best in the industry, no registration required. 10ZiG is now accepting orders for the V1206-PD and V1206-PDS. About 10ZiG TechnologyTo learn more about cutting edge VDI technology from 10ZiG, or to arrange for a FREE Thin or Zero Client evaluation unit, please contact the relevant office below: (Corporate Headquarters, US)10ZiG Technology Inc.23309 N. 17th Drive #100Phoenix, AZ 85027P. (866) 865-5250 | Email: sales@10ZiG.com | Web: www.10ZiG.com (EU Headquarters, UK)10ZiG Technology Ltd.Unit S2, Troon Way Business CentreHumberstone LaneLeicester LE4 9HA, United KingdomP. +44 (0) 116 214 8660 | Email: sales@10ZiG.eu | Web: www.10ZiG.com Focusing solely in developing Thin and Zero Clients for the latest desktop solutions, 10ZiG Technology has long-standing partnerships with industry leaders such as Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.

These partnerships are all with the aim of providing the best performance possible by supporting the full feature sets of acceleration protocols such as HDX, HDX 3D Pro, PCoIP and RDP 8.1. 10ZiG offers traditional dual screen Thin and Zero Clients, including the widest range of TERA2-based PCoIP devices on the market, including Dual Screen, Quad Screen and All-In-One hardware. 10ZiG devices come with a variety of OS options, including Linux, NOS (No OS), Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 IoT (W10 IoT). 10ZiG is committed to taking the complexity out of Desktop Virtualization, Application Delivery and The Cloud by providing Thin and Zero Clients with components that simplify implementation, improve management, device visibility and enhance the user experience.

All 10ZiG devices are accompanied by the 100% free enterprise class 10ZiG Manager Utility, enabling centralized configuration, maintenance and control of all 10ZiG Software Zero, Linux and Windows devices.

The 10ZiG product range is underpinned by the most personal Sales and Support service on the market, complemented by a no-obligation, no-hassle, flexible 30-day evaluation offer. CONTACT:Tom DoddsMarketing Executive10ZiG Technology Ltd.tomd@10ZiG.comp. +44 (0) 116 214 8658