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Friday, November 24, 2017
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Hardware vendors race to identify and provide updates for dangerous Intel flaws.
Plus deals on Lenovo laptops, Kindles, Amazon Fire tablets, and more.
Plus deals on 4K TVs, noise-cancelling headphones, the Moto G5 Plus, and more.
Key questions persist about $150 mask hackers used to unlock Face-protected iPhone X.
Plus deals on a slew of laptops, TVs, and cameras.
Products from Lenovo, HPE, Google, Microsoft, and others impacted by flaw in Infineon chipset.
Lenovo customers are being told to update their Android tablets and handsets to protect themselves against a handful of critical vulnerabilities impacting tens of millions of vulnerable Lenovo devices.
A flawed Infineon Technology chipset left HP, Lenovo and Microsoft devices open to what is called a 'practical factorization attack,' in which an attacker computes the private part of an RSA key.
Plus deals for Lenovo ThinkPads, Amazon Kindles, and Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro.
Plus solid savings on ThinkPads, Kindles, and the HTC Vive.
7-row keyboards are simply better.
DataCore Stand GG22 and Lenovo Stand J16, Show Ultimate Core Performance Through Worldrsquo;s Fastest Storage; Microsoft SQL Server Performance Breakthroughs with MaxParalleltrade; and the first European live view of the Lenovo DX8200D, Powered by DataCore, Virtualisation Appliance:Stand GG22 & J16, IP Expo Europe, London ExCel, 4 October, 2017 - DataCore today announced a packed line-up with new first-to-show solutions at IP Expo London, the UKrsquo;s main IT trade show.

The DataCore stand (GG22), and the... Source: RealWire