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If you want to know how to do open source the smart way, pay attention to LinkedIn.
It has delivered some of the industryrsquo;s most impressive open source software, most recently its Cruise Control load-balancing tool for Apache Kafka, a distributed streaming platform also developed by LinkedIn that is used to build real-time data pipelines and streaming apps in big data applications.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Judge says LinkedIn's reading of hacking law would have troubling consequences.
Microsoft is warning of a wave of phishing campaigns pushing tech support scams via malicious links to phony Amazon, Alibaba and LinkedIn web pages.
“Donrsquo;t bullshit me, Kamal.
It was Accostings, and I know it was Accostings.”
A legal scholar calls LinkedIn's position “hugely problematic.”
Apache Kafka is on a roll. Last year it registered a 260 percent jump in developer popularity, as Redmonkrsquo;s Fintan Ryan highlights, a number that has only ballooned since then as IoT and other enterprise demands for real-time, streaming data become common. Hatched at LinkedIn, Kafkarsquo;s founding engineering team spun out to form Confluent, which has been a primary developer of the Apache project ever since.But not the only one.
Indeed, given the rising importance of Kafka, more companies than ever are committing code, including Eventador, started by Kenny Gorman and Erik Beebe, both co-founders of ObjectRocket (acquired by Rackspace). Whereas ObjectRocket provides the MongoDB database as a service, Eventador offers a fully managed Kafka service, further lowering the barriers to streaming data.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Company expels 20 advanced surveillance apps installed on ~100 devices.
A hacking operation used photos from an unsuspecting victim's Instagram account as the lure in a campaign that lasted well over a year.
Google uncovers espionage conducting malware which monitors and steals information about the target - including emails, messages and calls.
JavaScript may be the language of the web, as Jon Udell wrote back in 2015, but itrsquo;s a language that forces us to “battl[e] the language itselfrdquo; as we try to apply it to more complex problems.

As Tom Dale, a senior software engineer at LinkedIn and a JavaScript luminary, more colorfully described it to me, “JavaScript is like the hippie parents who let you have premarital sex and smoke weed.” That sounds great, he notes, even liberating, but “eventually you resent that you didnrsquo;t have any structure and now yoursquo;re 32 and living in their basement.”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Microsoftrsquo;s Cortana voice-based personal assistant has always seemed a little out of place in the enterprise.
Itrsquo;s a useful tool for search, for reminders, and for letting you know when you need to leave to get to that meeting on time.

But compared to Amazon Alexarsquo;s growing list of skills, itrsquo;s lagging in the personal assistant race.Yes, it connects to Office 365 and LinkedIn to give you some insight into your work, but then again so does Alexa.

But if Microsoft delivers the Windows promises made last week at its Build 2017 developer conference, thatrsquo;s all going to change.[ Put itnbsp;all together: Microsoftrsquo;s plan to one-up Applersquo;s Handoff. • Inside the Microsoft Graph APIs. • How to build Microsoft bots. • Reinventingnbsp;Microsoft Teams with private bots. • How to use Azure Functions. • Just what is Project Rome? ]As part of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadellarsquo;s rearticulation of his original “mobile first, cloud firstrdquo; vision as one of “an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge,” Cortana is getting a promotion. More than a basic piece of personal assistant software, with the next release of Windows 10 it will be the face of the intelligent agents that will populate Microsoftrsquo;s new blurring of the cloud and PC worlds.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
UploadVR says the allegations are "entirely without merit."