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Microsoft preps new Windows 10 security features to ensure system integrity during start-up and after it's running.
Microsoft is using AI to help businesses protect their users and is leaning on Linux to help safeguard the internet of things.
Azure Sphere, now in preview, is a three-part program designed to secure the future of connected devices and powered by its own custom version of Linux.
And it talks to Azure.

Cortana probably spotted lurking nearby Microsoft has designed a family of Arm-based system-on-chips for Internet-of-Things devices that runs its own flavor of Linux – and securely connects to an Azure-hosted backend.…
This is Redmond’s first ever Linux distribution.
Microsoft is introducing new custom silicon, a Linux-based embedded OS and cloud service aimed at securing microcontroller-based devices.
Microsoft's ASP.Net Core has already become a popular way to build high-performance, modern web applications that can run on Windows, Linux, or MacOS. One way it supports high performance of course is caching.

Although ASP.Net Core doesn’t have an in-b...
More than a year after first emerging from stealth, container security startup Capsule8 launches the 1.0 version of its zero-day threat detection platform.
PCs don't have beepers any more, but code to make' em sound off lets you see files Retro programmers may need to reconsider using the Linux beep command as an activity or progress alert.…
So did Linus Torvalds get the 'normal and entirely boring' release that he wanted?
SteamOS maker admits that "Steam machines aren't exactly flying off the shelves."
Multiple vulnerabilities in the CLI parser of Cisconbsp;IOS XE Software could allow an authenticated, local attacker to gain access to the underlying Linux shell of an affected device and execute arbitrary commands with root privileges on the devi...