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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Linux 4.14 release candidate five is out. "Go out and test," says Linus Torvalds.
Don't panic... whoa, not so fast, Android, Linux users WPA2 Wi-Fi users – ie, almost all of us – have had a troubling Monday with the arrival of research demonstrating a critical design flaw in the technology used to secure our wireless networks.

A fla...
On October 10, 2017, Kaspersky Labrsquo;s advanced exploit prevention systems identified a new Adobe Flash zero day exploit used in the wild against our customers.

The exploit was delivered through a Microsoft Office document and the final payload was the latest version of FinSpy malware. We have reported the bug to Adobe who assigned it CVE-2017-11292 and released a patch earlier today.
But he's not at all keen on Santa Claus or fairies Linus Torvalds release notification for Linux 4.14's fifth release candidate contains an interesting aside: the Linux Lord says fuzzing is making a big difference to the open source operating system.…
Cisco discusses Advanced Linux Sound Architecture mess before formal CVE release An advisory from Cisco issued last Friday, October 13th, gave us the heads-up on a local privilege escalation vulnerability in the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)...
Want a pure Linux smartphone, no Android? Purism has the cash it needs to give it a try.
One year after working on NES Classic, Russian hacker returns with similar exploit.
ASP.Net Core is a lean and modular framework that can be used to build high-performance, modern web applications on Windows, Linux, or MacOS. Unlike legacy ASP.Net, ASP.Net Core doesn’t have a Cache object. However, ASP.Net Core provides support for...
Bugs in widely used Dnsmasq give attackers remote control of vulnerable systems.
The DNS software package is often found in Linux distributions, routers, and IoT devices.
Linux, Android, IoT, you name it, they'll need updates if you use this open-source tool Google security engineers have spotted not one, not two, but seven serious flaws in Dnsmasq, a fairly widely used DNS forwarder and DHCP server.…
Linux server administrators will want to patch their systems as soon as possible.