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Linux containers are the best thing since sliced bread! Forget everything you’ve ever learned about developing applications and focus on Linux containers instead! Linux containers are the solution to every application development and delivery proble...
"Chaos" gives attackers, and follow-on attackers, full control over infected boxes.
Tweak VFAT volume to execute arbitrary code A recently resolved flaw in the KDE Linux desktop environment meant that files held on a USB stick could be executed as soon as they were plugged into a vulnerable device.…
The performance impact of Meltdown patches makes it essential to move systems to Linux 4.14.
The update is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and soon, Linux.
Public release of exploit could be a long way off, though.
The private exploit seller is expanding its reach to acquire bugs in popular Linux builds.
A search online lead me to a discovery I didnrsquo;t think was possible nowadays.
I realized almost immediately that critical security issues were probably involved.
I found that out of the many tens of thousands of gas stations the company claimed to have installed their product in, 1,000 are remotely hackable.
The Store-only version of Windows becomes an installation option instead.
The patches, as expected, brought Linux's performance down, but their impact has not been as bad as feared.
The Pulse Secure Linux client GUI fails to validate SSL certificates,which can allow an attacker to modify connection settings.