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"They say the crises of congestion they cause is the price for innovation."
“This vehicle holds the promise of taking humanity deeper into the cosmos.”
“I want to make sure the SLS Block 1 is the rocket you need, and itrsquo;s on time.”
LA city councilman: “That’s not good corporate citizenship.“
Asks Epic to "please stop trying to hire away my team"—after major December defection.
Victimrsquo;s family is “devastatedrdquo; by the decision, their lawyer says.
“Irsquo;ve seen five or six cars smash into other cars, and itrsquo;s getting worse.”
Upcoming iOS update offers more beyond 11.3's AR and throttling controls.
"Weakening security makes no sense," top Apple VP tells Ars.
EFF: "Online platforms will have little choice but to become much more restrictive."
“Anbsp;facility to manufacture large commercial transportation vessels.”
The Boring Company was started to bypass traffic, now sounds a lot like a subway.