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Ride-snare: Lyft ruse helps cops cuff suspect in tech CEO murder...

'How would you rate your ride?' A police officer in Fayette County, Atlanta, has nabbed a murder suspect by appropriating the Lyft vehicle he figured the perp hoped to use as a getaway car.…

Progressive web apps challenge native mobile apps

Native mobile apps have generally had the edge when it comes to user experience over web-based apps.

But the tide is turning, with progressive web appsnbsp;— a technology spearheaded by Google and Mozillamdash;catching on at major web properties and developer tools becoming available.“Wersquo;re starting to see a lot of large companies come back to the web because of its low friction,” said Addy Osmani, an engineering manager on Googlersquo;s Chrome team. He cited Lyft and Twitter as examples.[ Get started: How to launch the right mobile development strategy. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld's App Dev Report newsletter. ]Twitterrsquo;s progressive web app, Twitter Lite, takes up less than 1MB of memory, compared to more than 100MB for its native iOS app and 23MB for its native Android app, Osmani said.

The client-side JavaScript app uses less data and supports push notifications and offline use.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

A judge is ordering drunken drivers to install Uber, Lyft

"It's just common sense.
It doesnrsquo;t cost anybody anything to install."

Uber, Lyft returning to Austin as driver-fingerprinting dispute ends

Legislation, to be signed by Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott, paves way for some comebacks.

Waymo and Lyft team up against Uber

In the self-driving world, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

EFF’s Stupid Patent of the month: Dispatch a taxi (on a...

Computer-aided taxi dispatch came years before the patent.

But will that matter?

Ex-Lyft driver sues Uber over “Hell,” its alleged “spyware”

After finding software flaw, Uber reportedly spoofed Lyft accounts to find drivers.

8,000 aspiring Uber and Lyft drivers fail state background check

Uber: "Thousands of people have lost access to economic opportunities."

Lyft agrees to pay $27 million to settle driver classification lawsuit

However, even with the deal, they remain independent contractors.

GM, Lyft could deploy “thousands” of autonomous Bolts in 2018

GM won’t sell self-driving cars to individuals, wants to deploy them in fleets.

Chevrolet’s Bolt makes its ride-sharing debut in Los Angeles with Maven

The electric vehicle will be used for car-sharing and be accessible to Lyft drivers, too.