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Friday, November 24, 2017
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How do you fix a program without the source code? You patch the binary directly.
Block would happen in the event advertisers canrsquo;t curb malicious ads on their own.
Moscow-based AV provider challenges claims it helped Russian spies.
2017 was one of the most intense in terms of incidents affecting the information security of industrial systems.
Security researchers discovered and reported hundreds of new vulnerabilities, warned of new threat vectors in ICS and technological processes, provided data on accidental infections of industrial systems and detected targeted attacks.
Newly AVGater flaw provided key ingrediant for hacker to hijack computer.
The authors of malware use various techniques to circumvent defensive mechanisms and conceal harmful activity. One of them is the practice of hiding malicious code in the context of a trusted process.

Typically, malware that uses concealment techniques injects its code into a system process, e.g. explorer.exe.

But some samples employ other interesting methods. We're going to discuss one such type of malware.
Estonia abruptly cancels digital ID cards as crypto attacks get easier and cheaper.
Forgeries undermine the trust millions of people place in digital certificates.
The KRACK, or key reinstallation attack, disclosed today allow attackers to decrypt encrypted traffic, steal data and inject malicious code depending on the network configuration.
Factorization weakness lets attackers impersonate key holders and decrypt their data.
Mysterious malicious code silently chews up CPU cycles to craft cash on visitors' dime Politifact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning website devoted to checking the factual accuracy of US politicians' words, appears to have been hacked so that it secretly min...
Bugs in widely used Dnsmasq give attackers remote control of vulnerable systems.