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Booby-trapped touchscreens can log passwords, install malicious apps, and more.
Extension that surreptitiously steals bank passwords uploaded twice in 17 days.
“Profexor” turns self in to Ukrainian authorities, assists FBI in DNC hack investigation.
Recent versions of several Chrome extensions have been compromised to spread malicious ads.
Advanced ShadowPad malware lurked in digitally signed products sold by NetSarang.
In the current environment of increasingly aggressive malicious actors looking to infiltrate systems for monetary gain, protecting customer data remains at the top of every major corporationrsquo;s priority list.

As software companies, we are stewards of that data and must ensure our processes and technology are designed correctly to maintain their trust and comply with the regulations set forth in the countries in which we operatemdash;you can never do enough security.Data privacy rules in the U.S. differ from those in the EU.
In the US, we have a patchwork of legislation to protect customer data and ensure privacy, including the United States Privacy Act, Safe Harbor Act and HIPAA, which most American CIOs are aware of.

The EU, on the contrary, has recently approved centralized, formal rules to apply across its member countries, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which go into effect on May 25, 2018.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
In July 2017, during an investigation, suspicious DNS requests were identified in a partnerrsquo;s network.

The source of the queries was a software package produced by NetSarang. Our analysis showed that recent versions of the software had been surreptitiously modified to include an encrypted payload that could be remotely activated by a knowledgeable attacker.
SonicSpy family of apps pose as benign programs.

Behind the scenes, they spy on users.
Malicious gadgets can snoop on keypresses, other data, through ports, it is claimed Malicious USB gadgets can secretly spy on data flowing in and out of devices plugged into adjacent USB ports, security researchers in Australia have warned.…
The actors behind this new malware family created a sizable selection of malicious apps in just over seven months, some of which appeared on Google Play.
Is the service used by a million journalists and lawyers doing enough for security?
The government has accepted a series of recommendations from the PJCIS on amendments to the proposed telco national security legislation in an effort to protect networks from 'cyber intrusions' by 'malicious actors'.