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Mac malware that went undetected for years spied on everyday users

Surveillance malware dubbed Fruitfly was easy to spot but flew under the radar anyway.

macOS Fruitfly Backdoor Analysis Renders New Spying Capabilities

This week at Black Hat, Mac malware expert Patrick Wardle will describe how he used a custom-built command and control server to analyze new spying capabilities in a variant of the FruitFly backdoor.

New details emerge on Fruitfly, a near-undetectable Mac backdoor

The malware went largely undetected for several years and is only detectable on a handful of security products, but the "fully featured" Mac backdoor can take control of an entire computer.

iCloud security flaw put iPhone, Mac passwords at risk

The security researcher said the bug could've gained access to an entire account's iCloud Keychain.

Apple swats bugs in macOS Sierra 10.12.6, iOS 10.3.3, and watchOS...

Likely the final updates before macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 become available.

The state of Mac gaming

WWDC 2017 gave onlookers new hope (Metal 2!), but Mac gaming still lags despite growth.

Watch out for this money stealing macOS malware which mimics your...

OSX Dok now attempts to steal money from Apple Mac users -- and could be being prepared for use in further attacks.

This notorious data-stealing malware has suddenly burst back into life

The Adwind Trojan can conduct espionage on operating systems including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Android.

The Gearhead podcast: Was the iPhone a revolution or just slick...

On its new podcast, Ars UK talks iPhone at 10, iMac Pro, and mysteries of the HomePod.

The $18 ‘key’ that will protect your Facebook and Google account,...

YubiKey offers a quick, cost-effective and simple way to protect your data, both online and offline, whether for personal use, business, enterprise, or even developers.

Halo-inspired fan-game gets conditional thumbs up from Microsoft

Installation 01 can continue to operate as long as it stays non-commercial.

10 years of the iPhone, and 10 years of iPhone reviews

Revisiting every single one of Apple's iPhones in a trip down memory lane.