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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Install Norton Security for Mac,prior to version 7.6,does not validate SSL certificates.
The new interface takes regular searching out of Cortana's hands.
We catch up with 'death watch' project after latest version bags 1.6m downloads Interview  Apache OpenOffice 4.1.4 finally shipped on October 19, five months later than intended, but the software is still a bit buggy.…
TorMoil threatens Mac and Linux versions of Tor browser; Windows and Tails not affected.
A vulnerability in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) over an Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) for Cisco IOS XE Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause the device to reload, resulting in anbsp;denial of service (DoS...
Apple Watch sales continue to grow while the company bounces back in China.
If you downloaded and installed stuff from Eltima yesterday, you are totally screwed It's going to be an unpleasant weekend for some Mac users who are facing a complete system wipe and reinstall – after hackers stashed malware in legitimate application...
Supply-chain attack saw data-stealing Proton RAT loaded into legitimate downloads of Elmedia Player and Folx applications by Eltima Software.
Cook responded to a customer e-mail to say that the Mac mini still has a future.
For the time being, the desktop-based Lightroom Classic will continue to be developed.
Calm down over KRACK, good ol' Office malware has biz workers in its sights again Malware exploiting Microsoft Word's DDE features to infect computers has been lobbed at US government-backed mortgage biz Freddie Mac.…
Docker announced today it will integrate an “unmodified” version of Google’s Kubernetes container-orchestration tool as a native part of Docker.

Docker said the Kubernetes integration will be available as a beta release, but gave no release date.Thi...