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Two factions have radically different visions for the cryptocurrency's future.
At a time when a great deal of business is conducted on the go using smartphones, it’s become even more important to be conscious of how much data you’re using. Whether you’re using your own phone or one issued by your company, mobile data is money—and if you don’t optimize your phone to handle it intelligently, you’re throwing dollars down the drain.After all, whether you have a plan with a monthly data cap or a setup where you’re billed for the data you use, you’re essentially paying for all the virtual info you transmit over your carrier’s network.
In the former case, reducing your data usage could let you move to a cheaper level of service.
In the latter, every megabyte you save will directly lower your monthly bill.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Troy Hunt's Christmas trove is a splendid gift for security and data nerds Security researcher Troy Hunt had better hope his anonymisation works: he's decided to offer up most of his “HaveIBeenPwned” data set for other security researchers to analyse. He's deduped his nearly two-billion record dataset – there's a lot of pwnage in the world, people – down to a domain-based 135-megabyte text file that records which domains have suffered dumps, and how many records were compromised in a breach. There are also more complex records – thoroughly de-identified – that show overlaps: Adobe;Aipai;CivilOnline;NetEase;NexusMods 20 As Hunt writes, “There are 20 people that have been pwned in that unique combination of five websites.” Even thinned out, the research dataset Hunt's now publishing amounts to nearly 2.4 million rows, enough to keep any big data scientist, nerd or tinkerer humming happily in the corner, extracting insights while the rest of the family is enjoying the traditional Christmas argument. “For each row, you can then take the breach names and reconcile them to the list of breaches exposed in the API. What this means is that you can access all the other attributes of the incident”, he adds. So Hunt doesn't get DDoS-ed, there's a Torrent, and he asks anyone grabbing the file to leave it seeding for a while to save some of his bandwidth. ® Sponsored: Customer Identity and Access Management