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Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Trumprsquo;s DOJ reportedly wants ATT to sell either CNN or DirecTV.
ATT could fight government in court in order to keep merger intact.
T-Mobile and Sprint will "fight the duopoly," but as separate companies.
DOJ could sue to block merger, but ATT says everything is on track.
CenturyLink gets bigger while it faces lawsuits alleging overcharges.
Sprint owner wants to maintain control and invest in its network, report says.
Primary alternative to dark matter can't deal with gravitational waves' speed.
Produces light and gravitational waves, confirms collisions produce fast gamma ray bursts, heavy elements.
28 September 2017: Equiteq, the consulting sector MA specialist, is pleased to announce the merger of its client Certeco, a business technology change consultancy, with P2 Consulting, the leading project and programme management consultancy.

The deal is backed by Lonsdale Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on the lower mid-market.

The transaction closed on September 26, 2017.Certeco is one the UKrsquo;s largest business technology change consultancies, providing specialist consultancy services to corporates in industries... Source: RealWire
We've now got three detectors working in parallel, increasing our resolution.
Ajit Pai's FCC says mobile market is competitive, in change from Obama years.
T-Mobile owner would take majority stake; US would be left with 3 big carriers.