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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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T-Mobile owner would take majority stake; US would be left with 3 big carriers.
Comcast VP is glad Trump is “less hostilerdquo; to mergers than Obama.
DAILY VIDEO: Equifax discloses a massive data breach that puts 143 million Americans at risk; Solaris and SPARC are in the crosshairs of the latest Oracle cuts; Dell EMC is still reeling from merger costs after year one; and there's more.
Sydney September 1, 2017 Equiteq, a global consulting and IT services sector MA specialist, is pleased to announce the merger of its client, GNC Group Consulting (“GNC Grouprdquo;), with Grant Thornton Australia (“Grant Thorntonrdquo;).

The transaction completed on September 1, 2017.GNC Group is a Melbourne-based retail and consumer product focused management consulting firm. Now in its eighth year of operation, the firm has a growing team of 55 and has opened offices in Sydney and... Source: RealWire
Scandal was connected to a move to strengthen control of Samsung Electronics.
Beef, salmon, avocados, and more will be cheaper for everyone starting next week.
Agency warns it “may investigate anticompetitive conductrdquo; if needed in future.
ATT and DOJ "discussing merger conditions" that would let deal go forward.
Pricing changes accelerate as Charter tries to boost revenue per customer.
Sprint wanted to merge with Chartermdash;or T-Mobile.
Comcast could have veto power over deal because of agreement with Charter.
In efforts to make things less confusing for potential subscribers.