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Black-hole mergers may reveal dark past of cannibalism

Voracious black holes can be distinguished from picky eaters.

Charter promised more broadband but didn’t deliver, now must pay fine

21,000 NY customers did not get broadband on schedule, despite merger promise.

Democrats urge Trump administration to block ATT/Time Warner merger

Senate Democrats: “Mega conglomeraterdquo; could punish rivals and harm consumers.

Amazon goes big into brick-and-mortar with $13.7 billion Whole Foods purchase

Amazon is buying the chain at $42 a share, but John Mackey will remain CEO.

Internet Society Takes On IoT, Website Security, Incident Response via OTA...

What happens now that the Online Trust Alliance - which includes Microsoft, Symantec, Twitter, and other big names - will be under the umbrella of the global Internet organization?

LIGO spots a third black hole merger, tightens mass limits on...

The merger also hints about the history of the black holes.

Verizon reportedly tried to buy #2 cable company Charter, was rejected

Charter not ready to sell and $100B Verizon offer was too low, report says.

LeEco collapse continues as CEO cedes control; 85% of US workforce...

It appears that the "Netflix of China" should have stayed in China.

WannaCry Ransomware Kill Switch Thwarts Spread of Malware

DAILY VIDEO: WannaCry ransomware kill switch triggered as exploit risk remains; Technologists say Trump cyber-security executive order only a 'plan of a plan'; Sprint reportedly wants to restart merger talks with T-Mobile; and there's more.

Dell takes Intel’s cue on PCs, puts enterprise on top of...

For the umpteenth time, Dell Technologies has reiterated that PCs are important to the company, and it won't quit the market.But PCs occupied only a few minutes of CEO Michael Dell's opening keynote at Dell EMC World in Las Vegas on Monday. PCs are ...

Insensitive gravitational wave detectors improved using clever addition

Black hole mergers are so similar that we might combine them to reveal physics.

APT Threat Evolution in Q1 2017

Kaspersky Lab is currently tracking more than a hundred threat actors and sophisticated malicious operations in over 80 countries.

During the first quarter of 2017, there were 33 private reports released to subscribers of our Intelligence Services, with IOC data and YARA rules to assist in forensics and malware-hunting.