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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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"The border doctrine does not say that the Constitution doesn't exist at the border."
Advance warning favors preparedness, but 1992 hurricane still ran up $90 million bill.
The storm remains an extremely dangerous hurricane for parts of Florida.
Some of the most important forecast models have shifted a bit westward overnight.
Irma still seems likely to come ashore somewhere between the Everglades and Miami.
Oliver Schmidt will be sentenced in Detroit in December.
“We on some Bonnie Clyde shit I couldnrsquo;t have choose a Better partner crime lol.”
The electric racing series has a new home in the US, and it put on a fine show.
Two active tropical storms at the same time in June? Happened just three times.
NOAA could become a second- or third-tier weather forecasting enterprise.
Visually stunning but wholly underwhelming, Tokyo 42 fails to exploit its inventive premise.
This week, a judge considers possible jail for alleged extortionists who pled the Fifth.