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Racing comes to the Big Apple: The New York City ePrix

The electric racing series has a new home in the US, and it put on a fine show.

Atlantic faces the rare prospect of two active tropical storms in...

Two active tropical storms at the same time in June? Happened just three times.

As hurricane season begins, NOAA told to slow its transition to...

NOAA could become a second- or third-tier weather forecasting enterprise.

Tokyo 42 review: A beautiful isometric action game that misses the...

Visually stunning but wholly underwhelming, Tokyo 42 fails to exploit its inventive premise.

Is “I forget” a valid defense when court orders demand a...

This week, a judge considers possible jail for alleged extortionists who pled the Fifth.

Forgot about Mahout? It’s back, and worth your attention

My tough life required me to fly to Miami and attend ApacheCon.
I happened across a talk by Trevor Grant, an open source technical evangelist for the financial services sector, on Mahout.
I thought, “Wait, isnrsquo;t Mahout dead?” Apparently not.
In fact, Mahout is very much alive, nothing like what you once knew of it, and now running on GPUs.Mahout was the original machine learning framework for Hadoop. When MapReduce was the thing, Mahout was the vaunted elephant rider.

But then, as Grant recalls, “Mahout 0.09 released and all the Hadoop vendors froze at 0.09+.
It was 0.09 with some bug patches. No one ever bumped up to 0.10.”[ Roundup: TensorFlow, Spark MLlib, Scikit-learn, MXNet, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, and Caffe machine learning and deep learning frameworks. | Get a digest of the dayrsquo;s top tech stories in the InfoWorld Daily newsletter. ]Nonetheless, the Mahout project is still active. “A lot of the projects have people paid to work on them, but Mahout doesnrsquo;t. Wersquo;re like a bunch of gypsies that wander around in companies like the MapReduces of the world,” Grant says. “All the Mahout and former Mahout people are in very, very high places in Fortune 500 companies or CTOs of startups, but we donrsquo;t have a company of our own. Lucidworks is the closest thing.
I didnrsquo;t realize but there are a lot of Mahout committers and PMCs [project management committees] kind of lurking about at Lucidworks.” (Full disclosure: I didnrsquo;t realize this either, even though I work for Lucidworks. —AO.)To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Judge: Miami reality TV star must unlock her iPhone in extortion...

"For me, this is like turning over a key to a safety box."

Miami sextortion case asks if a suspect be forced to decrypt...

Does the Fifth Amendment mean you don't have to hand over your password?

Threatpost News Wrap, April 14, 2017

Mike Mimoso, Tom Spring, and Chris Brook recap Infiltrate Con in Miami last week, and Kaspersky Lab's Security Analyst Summit in St. Maarten

The North Atlantic may get is first-ever named storm in March...

Oceans in the northern hemisphere are supposed to still be cold from the winter

Google Fiber makes expansion plans for $60 wireless gigabit service

As Google Fiber scales back fiber builds, signs point to wireless expansion.

FDA confirms toxicity of homeopathic baby products; Maker refuses to recall

The agency confirms elevated levels of belladonna, aka deadly nightshade.