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Webroot antivirus goes bananas, starts trashing Windows system files

Even automated security tool thinks Redmond's snooping operating system is 'malicious' Webroot's security tools went berserk today, mislabeling key Microsoft Windows system files as malicious and removing them – knackering PCs in the process.…

AV provider Webroot melts down as update nukes hundreds of legit...

False positives affect Windows Preview, Facebook, and more.

Windows bug used to spread Stuxnet remains world’s most exploited

Code-execution flaw is triggered by plugging a booby-trapped USB into vulnerable PCs.

Speaking in Tech: Hacking Microsoft Windows? That’s cute

Hacker whizz and Veracode co-founder Chris Wysopal joins the crew this week to talk secure software

NSA Bank System Tracking Revealed in Shadow Brokers’ Zero-Day List

NEWS ANALYSIS: The group Shadow Brokers revealed a list of zero-day vulnerabilities for Microsoft Windows that that had been patched or were soon to be fixed.

But the list contained hints that the NSA was tracking an important international banking ser...

NSA-leaking Shadow Brokers just dumped its most damaging release yet

Windows zero-days, SWIFT bank hacks, slick exploit loader among the contents.

VU#921560: Microsoft OLE URL Moniker improperly handles remotely-linked HTA data

Microsoft OLE uses the URL Moniker to open application data based on the server-provided MIME type,which can allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system.

WikiLeaks just dropped the CIA’s secret how-to for infecting Windows

Latest batch of documents details how CIA infects targets’ Windows-based computers.

Kotlin compiles directly to native code via LLVM

Kotlin, the JVM-based language from IDE maker JetBrains, can now be compiled to standalone executables using the newly unveiled Kotlin/Native compiler.The compiler uses the LLVM project to generate the executables—another example of LLVM as the premier tool to both enable new languages and enhance existing ones.[ Only on InfoWorld: A beginner’s guide to Angular.

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Go native, go faster In its current, pre-release form, Kotlin/Native produces binaries for MacOS 10.0 and greater, Ubuntu Linux 14.04 and greater, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. Microsoft Windows is not yet supported, due to “significant difference[s] in exception handling model on MS Windows and other LLVM targets,” but “this situation could be improved in upcoming releases,” JetBrains says. Many other features, like coroutines (recently introduced for Kotlin and LLVM), aren’t available yet.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Malware That Targets Both Microsoft, Apple Operating Systems Found

A new strain of malware is designed to spread malware on either Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, depending on where it’s opened.

How to fix 5 Windows 10 headaches

Microsoft Windows 10 has gone a long way towards fixing the problems that were endemic with earlier versions of Windows—notably Windows 8.

But it’s still far from a perfect operating system and has its share of headaches.4. Recover lost storage spaceTo read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story)

VM Escape Earns Hackers $105K at Pwn2Own

Hackers pulled off a VM escape and took down Adobe Flash, Microsoft Windows and Edge, Apple Safari and macOS, and Mozilla Firefox at Pwn2Own 2017.