Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Provider of Advanced Engagement Analytics Boasts High Marks for Quality Customer Experience – Majority of Customers Would Recommend CallMiner to Friends or ColleaguesLondon, UK – December 14, 2017 – CallMiner, the leading platform pro...
Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft all affected by “intentionalrdquo; BGP mishap.
DAILY VIDEO: A researcher discovers a hidden keylogger in an HP keyboard driver; Microsoft releases a free preview of its Quantum Development Kit; Microsoft is investing $50 million for AI-enabled environmental research; and there's more.
IE haunted by ghosts of past bugs – plus remote-code exec holes that'll chill your blood Microsoft has kicked out its December batch of software security fixes, the final Patch Tuesday of 2017.…
Microsoft patched 34 vulnerabilities in all on Tuesday with most of the bugs impacting Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office and Microsoft’s Scripting Engine.
An improper default configuration gives employees unnecessary administrative privilege without their knowledge, making them ideal targets for hackers.
TLS implementations may disclose side channel information via discrepancies between valid and invalid PKCS#1 padding,and may therefore be vulnerable to Bleichenbacher-style attacks..

This attack is known as aROBOT attackquot;.
Cloud Platform Built on Microsoft Azure Delivers PAREXEL’s Valued Informatics Solutions on a Global, Trusted Architecture; Represents the First Offering of PAREXEL and Microsoft Alliance BOSTON, December 12, 2017 – PAREXEL International Cor...
Back when Microsoft first launched Azure’s virtual machines, there were only a handful of default server sizes you could use.

The question you had to ask yourself then was a simple one: Is there a server that can support my workload? But now there’s...
Memory corruption vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Edge browser are patched in the December Patch Tuesday update, as Microsoft provides new guidance to help improve security for Active Directory in the cloud.
Itrsquo;s pronounced “Q sharp.”