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House lawmakers endorse reusable rockets for military purposes

This represents a pretty remarkable turnaround for SpaceX and the feds.

Key US general embraces new space ethos of “go fast, test,...

"We have got to get back to where we accept risk.”

Brit hacker admits he siphoned info from US military satellite network

Department of Defense claims intrusion cost $628,000... er? A UK-based computer hacker has admitted stealing hundreds of usernames and email addresses from a US military communications system.…

Facing limits of remote hacking, Army cybers up the battlefield

Army prepares for a less friendly electronic battlespace, embeds cyber in units.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds becomes Xbox One console exclusive “later this year”

Viral game-streaming sensation will get Xbox One X-specific enhancements.

North Korea hits imperialist aggressor barge in coastal cruise missile demo

In the latest missile-palooza, DPRK shoots four missiles at targets in Sea of Japan.

Al-Jazeera claims to be victim of cyber attack as Qatar crisis...

Broadcaster targeted after hackers planted “fake newsrdquo; on Qatarrsquo;s state news service.

Some of the best art on Twitter comes from these strange...

Need relief from social mediarsquo;s political quagmire? These bots are here for you.

Citing costs, US Air Force turns to SpaceX for its next...

“There are some very exciting things happening in commercial space.”

You’ll never guess where Russian spies are hiding their control servers

Turla uses social media and clever programming techniques to cover its tracks.

NSA Report: Russian Military Hackers Targeted US Voting Software, Election Officials

Top-secret NSA report leaked by now-arrested federal contractor to journalists shows levels to which Russian hacking machine targeted US election.