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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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The sequel to mega-hit Pandemic: Legacy is finally here.
Broadcom would become the world's third-largest chipmaker, behind Intel and Samsung.
In Washington D.C., politics sometimes matter more than a rocket's power or price.
“Allowing SpaceX to obtain a monopoly over launch services harms taxpayers.”
Think tank boss allegedly accused scholar of "imperiling funding for others."
A 1999 invention would prevent thousands of amputations per year if widely used.
Letrsquo;s start by acknowledging the elephant in the room: The top three public cloud computing providers are all U.S.-based, so enterprises in the United States, and even in most other countries, are facing a natural U.S.-based monopoly on public cloud computing technology.
So, there is a de facto “buy Americanrdquo; cloud provider policy due to the fact that you really canrsquo;t do anything else right now.   However, a few evolutions are taking place.

First, the rise of cloud providers in China and some European countriesnbsp;has some thinking that commoditization of the public cloud space could open up the U.S. market to public cloud providers based outside the United States.
Second, the globalization of enterprises means that many U.S.-based companies have more assets and employees outside of the United States than within. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
When eight-core Ryzen costs £300, do any of these new Intel chips make sense?
Ex-FCC chair: Title II is crucial for net neutrality and consumer protection.
Google smacked with €2.4B fine by European Commission for abusing search monopoly.
Spoiler alert: Itrsquo;s a lot.
Computer-aided taxi dispatch came years before the patent.

But will that matter?