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Monday, August 21, 2017
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Fancy Bear used Eternal Blue 3 months after it was leaked by a mysterious group.
Bot set up by Quartz reporter Keith Collins catches linked wallets being emptied.
Evidence ties people behind massive malware attack to mysterious Shadow Brokers group.
Like earlier ransomware worm, PetyaWrap attacks use potent exploit stolen from the NSA.
Covert program draws on the NSA, CIA, and US Cyber Command.
By using a "traffic shaping" technique, the National Security Agency sidestep legal restrictions imposed by lawmakers and the surveillance courts.
Unlocked racks. No 2FA. No access control lists. No wonder Snowden got away with it Second-rate opsec remained pervasive at the United States' National Security Agency, according to an August 2016 review now released under Freedom of Information laws.…
Company warns of “destructive cyberattacksrdquo; as it tries to prevent another WCry.
Investigators find evidence attackers tried to modify voter data, reports Bloomberg.
By providing copy of leak, Intercept likely accelerated ID of contractor.
The U.S. government concluded that Russian intelligence hacked into an American vendor of voter-registration software.

Following publication, a National Security Agency contractor is arrested for allegedly leaking the document.
Mysterious group with cache of NSA exploits promises new release to those who pay.