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NotPetya developers obtained NSA exploits weeks before their public leak

Evidence ties people behind massive malware attack to mysterious Shadow Brokers group.

A new ransomware outbreak similar to WCry is shutting down computers...

Like earlier ransomware worm, PetyaWrap attacks use potent exploit stolen from the NSA.

Obama reportedly ordered hacking operation targeting key Russian networks

Covert program draws on the NSA, CIA, and US Cyber Command.

NSA’s use of ‘traffic shaping’ allows unrestrained spying on Americans

By using a "traffic shaping" technique, the National Security Agency sidestep legal restrictions imposed by lawmakers and the surveillance courts.

NSA had NFI about opsec: 2016 audit found laughably bad security

Unlocked racks. No 2FA. No access control lists. No wonder Snowden got away with it Second-rate opsec remained pervasive at the United States' National Security Agency, according to an August 2016 review now released under Freedom of Information laws.…

Win XP patched to avert new outbreaks spawned by NSA-leaking Shadow...

Company warns of “destructive cyberattacksrdquo; as it tries to prevent another WCry.

Russia struck at election systems and data of 39 US states

Investigators find evidence attackers tried to modify voter data, reports Bloomberg.

How a few yellow dots burned the Intercept’s NSA leaker

By providing copy of leak, Intercept likely accelerated ID of contractor.

Leaked Report Claims Voter Registration App Firm Hacked by Russians

The U.S. government concluded that Russian intelligence hacked into an American vendor of voter-registration software.

Following publication, a National Security Agency contractor is arrested for allegedly leaking the document.

New Shadow Brokers 0-day subscription forces high-risk gamble on whitehats

Mysterious group with cache of NSA exploits promises new release to those who pay.

NSA Says New Encryption Standards Needed to Resist Quantum Computing

NEWS ANALYSIS: Quantum computing's potential for cracking encryption worries the National Security Agency, so it is developing standards and strategies to support encryption in a post-quantum world.

Wikimedia wins small victory in challenge to NSA “Upstream” spying

“This surveillance will finally face badly needed scrutiny in our public courts.”