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Verizonrsquo;s spending wonrsquo;t change much, and tax savings will boost balance sheet.
Millions of comments sent to FCC through bulk system used fake e-mail addresses.
State enforces net neutrality in government contracts, despite FCC preemption.
Comcast will no longer face FCC oversight on net neutrality.
Bad news for the FCC because the site has 55 staff and doesn't hand out email addresses SHMOOCON 2018  A new analysis of the comments made on the United States Federal Communications Commission's consultation on the future of net neutrality has shown t...
App tests video speeds to help researchers gather data for throttling study.
Researcher's iPhone app tests speeds of YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, and more.
Mozilla and a coalition of state U.S. attorney generals have filed federal lawsuits in hopes of reinstating net neutrality.
A long legal process starts now.
Senate Dems seek one more vote for restoration of net neutrality and Title II.
One more Republican vote needed to get net neutrality bill through Senate.
30 senators support net neutrality bill as Democrats try to force a vote.