Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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The video streaming giant calling out its users.
It's creepy.

But it's only the beginning of monetizing viewing data for media content services.
Netflix's ability to extrapolate detailed and specific viewing habits from its vast data set leaves troubling questions about its employees' access to personal customer information.
The long-awaited app is now available for 3rd-gen Apple TVs and newer devices.
Based on some award-winning sci-fi, Netflix spares no expense in this trailer.
Duffer Bros. have been vague on plans for 4 or 5 seasons, but S3 was always happening.
Reviewing episodes 7-9: OK, maybe wersquo;d skip 7 on a rewatch.
Disney also revealed a standalone ESPN streaming package is on the way in spring 2018.

DDoS attacks in Q3 2017

In the third quarter of 2017, we registered a considerable increase in the number of both DDoS attacks and their targets.

Traditionally, China is the country with the largest number of attack sources and targets.
It was followed by the United States and South Korea.

The popularity of Windows OS as a basis for creating a botnet has fallen noticeably, while the share of Linux-based botnets increased proportionally.

Spam and phishing in Q3 2017

In terms of the average share of spam in global email traffic (58.02%), the third quarter of 2017 was almost identical to the previous reporting period: once again growth was slightly more than one percentage point – 1.05 (and 1.07 p.p. in Q2 2017).

As in previous quarters, spammers were quick to react to high-profile events and adapted their fraudulent emails to the news agenda.
Here's a Stranger Things 2 eps. 1-3 review.

Can I go watch more of it yet?
The rumored voice-control remote with Netflix button is now a reality.
Ganache, Fluff, and chocolate round out our baked '80s horror-food extravaganza.