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Friday, November 17, 2017
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NY State Supreme Court: stingrays act as "an instrument of eavesdropping."
Scaling 1:1 personalization with mobile web solution for product discovery [NEW YORK - 15 November 2017] - Qubit, the leaders in marketing personalization technology, today announced that ASICS Digital, an ASICS division responsible for the continued d...
MariaDB will become a better database on Windows and an Azure managed service.
Earliest evidence of wine in the Near East has been found, in Georgia.
Confirmit Horizons will continue to underpin the award-winning Customer Experience programmeLondon, UK, New York, NY and Oslo, Norway: 14 November, 2017: Virgin Money, one of the UK’s leading financial services providers has renewed its ongoing r...
Pai accused of evading questions about FCC helping Sinclair expand media empire.
Power line failure dropped that number to 18% this week, but it has since been repaired.
Scholars found that small media outlets have a big effect on Twitter discussions.
Trumprsquo;s DOJ reportedly wants ATT to sell either CNN or DirecTV.
ATT could fight government in court in order to keep merger intact.
Latest ruling might require Google to remove Sci-Hub from search.
T-Mobile and Sprint will "fight the duopoly," but as separate companies.