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Managed service provider, Genmed, opens information office for journalists & analysts...

April 19, 2017 – The financial pressures facing the NHS again hit the news further to the Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Spring budget. While an additional £425 million is being made available for investment in the NHS[1] - to fund the first set of the best STPs[2] and help cope with demand in A & E this winter - the sad reality is the NHS still lacks the money it needs.

Constrained resources means the health... Source: RealWire

Doctors Adrift hit halfway mark in Indian Ocean rowing challenge

April 18, 2017 – The challenge is mega – take a two-man boat and row 3,600 miles across the Indian Ocean in 84 days from Western Australia to Mauritius.

Gold sponsor, CCube Solutions, a supplier of digital healthcare software to the NHS, announces today that junior doctors, Ted Welman and Jack Faulkner, have reached the halfway mark in what is an epic rowing adventure.

The pair are also trying to raise £100,000 for Medicins San... Source: RealWire

Thousands of NHS staff details lost in breach of IT contractor’s...

Radiation dose-measuring firm took months to let Welsh trust know The personal information of thousands of medical staff in Wales were stolen following a breach of an IT contractor's server.…

‘Previously unseen’ malware behind cyberattack against UK’s biggest hospital group

Despite being up-to-date, Barts Health NHS Trust's antivirus software didn't recognize a new threat as malicious.

The vendor has since issued a patch.

North Bristol NHS selects CCube Solutions’ EDMS to complement and augment...

A scan-on-demand model to digitise patient medical records will save over £1.3 million within 4 years EDMS is an ‘invest to save’ initiative with the system paying for itself based on a reduction in operating costs March 1, 2017 – CCube Solutions announces today that North Bristol NHS Trust has selected its electronic document management software (EDMS) to replace all paper case notes with an easy to use digital system providing instant access to patient... Source: RealWire

NHS patient letters meant for GPs went undelivered for years

Yep, half a million The NHS has been accused of covering up a large data loss involving the loss or mislaying of more than half a million pieces of confidential information.…

Innovative funding model addresses the lack of new capital within the...

Medical records scanning and CCube EDMS now available as a managed serviceNew service is VAT recoverable resulting in a 20% saving for Trusts and Health Boards – money then available directly for patient careFebruary 15, 2017 – The funding pressures in the NHS are widely reported with constrained resources meaning the health system is buckling under the strain of trying to meet demand yet maintaining standards and services.

A new type of funding model –... Source: RealWire

Sophos update borks systems at London NHS trust

Rubber gloves on as techies probe root cause An anti-malware update from Sophos caused borked systems at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) on Thursday.…

NHS trusts become top target for ransomware campaigns

According to new research, 34 percent of UK NHS providers suffered ransomware attacks in the last 18 months.

Misconfigured firewall blamed for hospital ransomware infection

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust blames "a misconfiguration of the firewall" for a cyberattack which resulted in 2,800 appointment cancellations.

Google mistakes the entire NHS for massive cyber-attacking botnet

Hospitals advised to use Bing instead Exclusive  Google is blocking access to the entire NHS network, mistaking the amount of traffic it is currently receiving as a cyber attack.…

Mega UK hospitals trust Barts says IT borkage was due to...

Oh, well, that's all right then Barts Health NHS Trust has blamed the disruption of its IT systems last Friday on a trojan horse infection and not ransomware. The trust, which runs five east London hospitals and is among the biggest in the UK, was forced to quarantine systems in response to the outbreak last week.
In an update on Monday, the trust said that systems are back to normal and there was no leak of confidential data. On Friday 13 January 2017 Barts Health discovered and took immediate steps to contain a virus in the Trust's computers.

The virus has been quarantined, and all major clinical systems are now up and running. No patient data was affected, there was no unauthorised access to medical records, and our anti-virus protection has now been updated to prevent any recurrence. Early reports on Friday, based on a supposed email sent out to staff, said that the trust was grappling with a file-scrambling ransomware outbreak, like many of its sister NHS hospitals before it.

Dead wrong, according to the trust. "The incident was caused by Trojan malware, not ransomware.

The particular virus has never been seen before and, whilst it had the potential to do significant damage to computer network files, our measures to contain the virus were successful," it said. ® Sponsored: Next gen cybersecurity.
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