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At launch, serious issues loom, but it's otherwise the most compelling RTS in years.
Gentle interactivity helps enhance a short but sweet love story.
Googlersquo;s ban on lock-screen ads probably has something to do with it.
Plus deals on Logitech gear, lots of 4K TVs, Essential Phone, and more.
Magnet, one of the UK’s largest specialist kitchen retailers, believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is reflected in their latest television advertising campaign.

The new campaign called for an emotional narrative that would...
By Jesse St. Laurent, HPE Chief Technologist, Hyperconverged & SimpliVity From hurricanes to flooding, earthquakes to wildfires, 2017 saw some widespread natural disasters. Yet when you ask some IT professionals about a disaster recovery plan fo...
If you're moving around the house with a Wi-Fi chip, why not take some measurements?
We tested the Mellow sous-vide for a month.
“This is a giant step,” the president said during a ceremony.
Omnichannel chat from IMImobile offers seamless agent channel navigation for CXone usersLondon – December 11, 2017 – NICE inContact (Nasdaq:NICE) today announced that IMImobile has joined the DEVone development program to provide omnichanne...
Feature toggling is a nice concept that facilitates trunk-based development. You can use feature toggles (also known as feature switches, feature flags, and feature flippers) to test a new feature in the main branch even before it is ready for release....
Speed trainingmdash;but not memory or reasoning trainingmdash;did the trick.