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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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In early October, a story was published by the Wall Street Journal alleging Kaspersky Lab software was used to siphon classified data from an NSA employeersquo;s home computer system.

To assist any independent investigators and all the people who have been asking us questions whether those allegations were true, we decided to conduct an internal investigation to attempt to answer a few questions we had related to the article and some others
After accusations by DHS of ties to Russian intel, company seeks to reassure customers.
Plus: How SEC's IT staff begged for more cash Roundup  Another week draws to a close so it's time to review the security news you may have missed in between the big hitters: the NSA contractor who leaked more exploits, Apple's encryption password blund...
Classified information and hacking tools from the US National Security Agency landed in the hands of Russian cyberspies, according to a Wall Street Journal report.
Proven or not, the accusations almost certainly mean the end of Kaspersky as we know it.
Не делай из мухи слона, говорит Евгений Russian government spies extracted NSA exploits from a US government contractor's home PC using Kaspersky Lab software, anonymous sources have claimed.…
Hackers working for the Kremlin reportedly found sensitive information on the home computer of an NSA contractor who was using Kaspersky antivirus software.
Friend, do we have a bizarre legal battle for you Analysis  In an extraordinary and expansive lawsuit, former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery has teamed up with the lawyer who brought down the NSA's mass surveillance operation – Larry Klayman – to sue all the US intelligence services and their former and current heads personally, as well as former president Barack Obama, for illegal surveillance.…
NEWS ANALYSIS: The compromise of a highly classified report by an NSA contractor is serious enough, but what was worse was poor security measures that enabled the cyber-attack in the first place.
Intelligence Committee member says Russian hacked lots of US States, some don't know it yet The strange tale of former NSA contractor Reality Winner just got stranger, after a US senator alleged the information she leaked about Russian hacking under-stated the extent of Russia's activities.…
Chinese government blocked Microsoft product purchases after NSA leaks.
Harold Thomas Martin III, accused of stealing 50 terabytes of highly sensitive government information, will appear in court on Feb. 14.