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Dealmaster: Get a Dell XPS tower or an Inspiron desktop with...

Plus savings on laptops, SSDs, robot vacuums, smart TVs, and more.

Destiny 2 on PC: 4K, GTX 1080 Ti, all the eye-candy

Sure, the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro support 4K too.

But who wants to play at 30FPS?

Logitech finally finds a good use for wireless charging: A mouse...

With a Powerplay mouse pad, never again will your wireless mouse run out of power.

HP grows Omen line with new gaming laptops, VR backpack PC,...

Are you ready for a compact desktop that doubles as a wearable VR machine?

Nvidia Max-Q laptops: Impressively thin, but industrial design needs work

Asus Zephyrus has an innovative cooling system, but the keyboard is hilariously bad.

Got an antenna and a tuner? You can now stream live...

Free broadcasts now live where you watch the rest of your streamed content.

Nvidia Max-Q wants to make gaming laptops thinner, lighter, less fugly

Max-Q is kind of like Intel's Ultrabooks, but for gaming. No word on price, battery life.

Apple iCloud, Android Nvidia driver N-day exploit details revealed

Kernels can be exploited and iCloud account user information leaked due to the security flaws.

AMD’s game plan to become a machine-learning giant

Right now, the market for GPUs for use in machine learning is essentially a market of one: Nvidia.AMD, the only other major discrete GPU vendor of consequence, holds around 30 percent of the market for total GPU sales compared to Nvidiarsquo;s 70 percent.

For machine-learning work, though, Nvidiarsquo;s lead is near-total. Not just because all the major clouds with GPU support are overwhelmingly Nvidia-powered, but because the GPU middleware used in machine learning is by and large Nvidiarsquo;s own CUDA.[ Roundup: TensorFlow, Spark MLlib, Scikit-learn, MXNet, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, and Caffe machine learning and deep learning frameworks. | Get a digest of the dayrsquo;s top tech stories in the InfoWorld Daily newsletter. ]AMD has long had plans to fight back.
Itrsquo;s been prepping hardware that can compete with Nividia on performance and price, but itrsquo;s also ginning up a platform for vendor-neutral GPU programming resourcesnbsp;— a way for developers to freely choose AMD when putting together a GPU-powered solution without worrying about software support.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Radeon Vega Frontier Edition: First AMD Vega GPU is for the...

13 teraflops FP32 performance and 16GB of HBM2 for compute markets with money to burn.

Google Researchers Alert Microsoft to Major Flaw in Security Software

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft has Google to thank for finding major zero-day vulnerability; Nvidia impresses with Project Holodeck, Volta Data Center GPU for AI; Microsoft: 500M Windows 10 devices, AI expand developer 'opportunity'; and there's more.

Nvidia GPU Cloud bundles frameworks and tools for AI app dev

Over the past couple of years, every major cloud vendor added GPU resources as standard issue: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM.
In most every case, those GPUs come from Nvidia, the premier supplier of GPUs for high-performance computing and the de fa...