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Life went nuts 450 million years ago, when oxygen levels rose in the seas.

APT Trends report Q3 2017

Beginning in the second quarter of 2017, Kaspersky's Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) began publishing summaries of the quarter's private threat intelligence reports in an effort to make the public aware of what research we have been conducting.  This report serves as the next installment, focusing on important reports produced during Q3 of 2017.
Water inside a flexible core is enough to keep the moon liquid for billions of years.
New analysis says hurricanes will mostly pass offshore as oceans keep rising.
A four-city tour comes on the 50th anniversary of NASArsquo;s Moon landings.
Makes no mention of subsidies fossil fuel industry enjoys.
Company remains on pace for 20 launches this year, smashing previous records.
The Atlantic activity was somewhat balanced by a quiet Pacific Ocean.
Some animals went through multiple generations as their debris rode the currents.
Asphalt in use tolerates the temperature extremes of a period that ended in 1995.
The Atlantic remains hot with Jose, Lee, and the season's 15th tropical cyclone.
Volcanoes may provide life refuges when icy conditions prevail.