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Navy drone software brings us one step closer to robot-filled skies

Software, including air traffic awareness and collision avoidance, passes Navy test.

Doctors Adrift hit halfway mark in Indian Ocean rowing challenge

April 18, 2017 – The challenge is mega – take a two-man boat and row 3,600 miles across the Indian Ocean in 84 days from Western Australia to Mauritius.

Gold sponsor, CCube Solutions, a supplier of digital healthcare software to the NHS, announces today that junior doctors, Ted Welman and Jack Faulkner, have reached the halfway mark in what is an epic rowing adventure.

The pair are also trying to raise £100,000 for Medicins San... Source: RealWire

NASA confirms two moons in the Solar System are venting oceans...

Ocean Worlds Exploration Program could find life on icy moons in the 2020s.

First high-res look at microbial ballistics: Harpoons, spears, Gatling guns

The weaponry is complicated, savage, and unlike what’s seen in animals.

This six-year-old video from SpaceX is both prescient and pure troll

"Rise up and take the power back, it's time that the fat cats had a heart attack."

Ugly Jenkins gets a friendly new UI

Blue Ocean, a reimagined user interface for the Jenkins continuous delivery platform, makes its official debut Wednesday as a free, open source plugin.The interface helps make software development more accessible, said Tyler Croy, director of evange...

We may have just witnessed the dawn of truly commercial spaceflight

Next up: 24-hour turnaround from launch to landing to launch.

Decrypted: The Expanse: “We can not afford to be enemies anymore”

This week I'm joined by Cyrus Farivar, and we also have an interview with Frankie Adams.

SpaceX launches, lands its “flight proven” rocket [Updated]

The flight is an "historic milestone on the road to full and rapid reusability."

The North Atlantic may get is first-ever named storm in March...

Oceans in the northern hemisphere are supposed to still be cold from the winter

If you’re a European, your body requires more vegetables and grains

Genome study reveals different human groups evolved to eat specific diets.

On Saturn’s moon Enceladus, liquid water may be close to the...

New study suggests the moon's ocean may be just a few kilometers from the surface.