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An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs. The operating system is a component of the system software in a computer system. Application programs usually require an operating system to function.

Time-sharing operating systems schedule tasks for efficient use of the system and may also include accounting software for cost allocation of processor time, mass storage, printing, and other resources.

For hardware functions such as input and output and memory allocation, the operating system acts as an intermediary between programs and the computer hardware, although the application code is usually executed directly by the hardware and frequently makes system calls to an OS function or is interrupted by it. Operating systems are found on many devices that contain a computer – from cellular phones and video game consoles to web servers and supercomputers.

Examples of popular desktop operating systems include Apple OS X, Linux and its variants, and Microsoft Windows. So-called mobile operating systems include Android and iOS. Other classes of operating systems, such as real-time (RTOS), also exist.

The ability to boot DOS and other legacy relics is going to disappear.
An attacker can use Intel's flaws to run malware that's invisible to the operating system.
Microsoft Windows 8 introduced a change in how system-wide mandatory ASLR is implemented.

This change requires system-wide bottom-up ASLR to be enabled for mandatory ASLR to receive entropy.

Tools that enable system-wide ASLR without also setting bottom-up ASLR will fail to properly randomize executables that do not opt in to ASLR.
Cisco Systems issued patch that fixes a critical vulnerability impacting 12 products running the Cisco Voice Operating System software.
A vulnerability in the upgrade mechanism of Cisco collaboration products based on the Cisco Voice Operating System software platform could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to gain unauthorized, elevated access to an affected device. The v...
The project is one of many at a thriving AR group called T288 internally.
New module aims to help identify the true state of software patching, looking beyond what an operating system registry reports.
The new module aims to help identify the true state of software patching, looking beyond what an operating system registry reports.
TorMoil threatens Mac and Linux versions of Tor browser; Windows and Tails not affected.
In September 2017, we discovered a new targeted attack on financial institutions.
Victims are mostly Russian banks but we also found infected organizations in Malaysia and Armenia.
EternalRomance exploit was used to move across networks after initial attack.

Dangerous liaisons

We took the most popular dating apps and analyzed what sort of user data they were capable of handing over to criminals and under what conditions.