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The Slingshot APT FAQ

While analyzing some memory dumps suspicious of being infected with a keylogger, we identified a library containing strings to interact with a virtual file system.

This turned out to be a malicious loader internally named “Slingshotrdquo;.
Ongoing attacks give complete control and require no user interaction.
Windows users will no longer be beholden to their motherboard makers.
Conan, a distributed, open source package and dependency manager, promises to bring C and C++ into devops.The multiplatform package manager builds and shares native binaries.

Conan’s ability to quickly create builds, port packages, and run them on d...
All 6th, 7th, and 8th generation Core processors now have microcode available.
The update deals with some issues with iOS devices and external accessories, too.
The launch and growth of new operating systems is mirrored by an increase in reported vulnerabilities.
A Windows 10 feature is coming to old platforms.
We open our robotic hearts to recommend a few treats for your nerdy lover.
Previous microcode update was reported to cause unwanted system reboots.
Registry keys can also be used to selectively enable or disable the microcode fix.