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Former ONS Census Budget Guru Appointed As CFO by Certus Solutions

James Ham has been appointed as the CFO of leading Oracle Platinum Partner Certus Solutions. James joins Certus from the Office for National Statistics, where he was Financial Controller and had previously held budget responsibility for the UK Census. ...

Support Revolution Reports Record Growth

Third party support provider growth driven by Oracle and SAP customers needing to save money on support and maintenanceUK, 22nd May 2017: Support Revolution, the UK-based provider of third party software support and maintenance for Oracle and SAP syste...

Oracle has a plan to make Java 9 migration easier

It will be easier to migrate code to the planned Java 9 release, due in late July, if the committee that managed Java approves a proposal just made by Oracle to better accommodate modularity, the key new feature in Java 9. Oracle made the proposal after getting strong opposition to its modularization plans from the Java communityIn a proposal floated Thursday, Mark Reinhold, Oraclersquo;s chief Java architect, said strong encapsulation of JDK-internal APIs has caused worries that code that works on JDK 8 will not work on JDK 9 and that no advance warning of this was given in JDK 8. “To help the entire ecosystem migrate to the modular Java platform at a more relaxed pace, I hereby propose to allow illegal reflective access from code on the class path by default in JDK 9, and to disallow it in a future release,” he said.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Oracle’s Java chief debunks ‘misconceptionsrsquo; about Java 9

Looking to stave off criticism of the now-jeopardized Java 9 release, Oraclersquo;s top Java official defended the platform against what he termed falsehoods around its accommodations for Apache Maven, third-party frameworks, and existing code.“There seem to be many misconceptions out in the world about what Java 9 is, what the Jigsaw module system is, how itrsquo;s going to impact people,” said Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the Java platform group at Oracle, at the Devoxx UK conference in London last week.

Today in an online post, he addressed what he sees as the three biggest misconceptions around Java 9.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Intel’s Itanium, once destined to replace x86 in PCs, hits end...

It's the end of the line for Intel's Itanium chip, a troubled processor family that spawned many product delays and bad blood between HP and Oracle.Intel on Thursday started shipping its latest Itanium 9700 chip, code-named Kittson, in volume.
It's ...

NoSQL, no problem: Why MySQL is still king

MySQL is a bit of an attention hog. With relational databases supposedly put on deathwatch by NoSQL, MySQL should have been edging gracefully to the exit by now (or not so gracefully, like IBM's DB2).Instead, MySQL remains neck-and-neck with Oracle ...

Oracle’s next big business is selling your info

There’s a decent chance you're part of Oracle’s next big business. Not selling products to you, but selling you as a product.

That's the idea behind the Oracle Data Cloud, a massive pool of information about consumers and companies.The tech titan has put it together by tracking people across the web and buying data from a variety of sources. People who have their data included may not even know that they’ve opted in for that data collection.There’s no big red button that someone has to click in order to be a part of the company's data collection machine.
Instead, its base of user data is fed by a network of third parties.

The Data Cloud is primarily fed by three types of sources: publishers, like Forbes and Edmunds, retail loyalty programs, and traditional data brokers like Experian and IHS.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Oracle hits back at modular Java critics

With voting on a module system for Java set to close within the Java community, a high-ranking official at Oracle is again defending the plan amid criticism from Red Hat.Modularity is the main feature in Java 9, which is due to arrive July 27—if the disagreement over modularization does not hold up the release. Oracle's Mark Reinhold, chief architect in the company's Java platform group, sent out an email on an openjdk mailing list Monday, arguing the issues being brought up have already been covered.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Google Docs Users Targeted in Massive Phishing Attack

DAILY VIDEO: A Google Docs phishing attack tricks unsuspecting users to click; Dell EMC is preparing to launch a hybrid cloud platform for Microsoft Azure Stack; Oracle CEO Mark Hurd says enterprise migration is in the early stages; and there's more.

Java modular battle heats up as Oracle criticizes Red Hat, IBM

Amidst a budding controversy surrounding the module system planned for Java, Oracle’s chief Java architect, Mark Reinhold, lashed out today at Red Hat and IBM’s opposition, saying the companies are just guarding their own self interests.In an open letter to the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Commitee published Friday morning, Reinhold was highly critical of the two rival vendors.

The current disagreement centers on Java Specification Request 376, which focuses on the module system featured as part of Project Jigsaw. Red Hat Mid­dle­ware ini­tially agreed to the goals and re­quire­ments of the JSR, but then worked con­sis­tently to un­der­mine them, Reinhold said.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Oracle rethinks modular Java plan after Red Hat’s objections

Oracle's chief Java architect has proposed tweaks to Java's modular plan.

The revisions were said to be not in response to recent objections by Red Hat and IBM, but they do appear to address one of the concerns.In a post to an openjdk mailing list o...

Java module system may stall platform’s next release

Java 9, the next edition of the platform, might actually be delayed by objections raised recently by Red Hat and IBM over the workings of its module system.Java Development Kit 9, the next edition of standard Java, had been proceeding toward its planned July 27 release after earlier bumps in the road over modularity.

But now Red Hat and IBM have opposed the module plan. “JDK 9 might be held up by this,” Oracle’s Georges Saab, vice president of development for the Java platform, said late Wednesday afternoon. “As is the case for all major Java SE releases, feedback from the JCP [Java Community Process] may affect the timeline.  Based on more than two years of feedback from weekly preview builds, we’re confident it meets the goals of the JSR [Java Specification Request] and the needs of developers.”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here