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Monday, August 21, 2017
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We've got Safe Mode and that's safe enough, vendor tells ~400m users The Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) has gone public with a Foxit PDF Reader vulnerability without a fix, because the vendor resisted patching.…
Some 25 years later, a controversial cult classic gets a new turn in the spotlight.
Unless you play ME:A for multiplayer, your quest is effectively done.
One of Tuesday's Flash Player patches was a do-over after the researcher who privately reported the problem earlier this year discovered the original patch incompletely resolved the issue.
SAP released 19 patches on Tuesday, including a trio of vulnerabilities marked high severity in itsnbsp;businessnbsp;management software.
Google addresses dozens of security flaws in mobile platform Android users should be expecting a security update to land for the mobile operating system in short order, as Google has issued fixes for 99 CVE-listed programming cockups.…
Update IE, Edge, Windows, SQL Server, Office and – of course – Flash Patch Tuesday  Microsoft has released the August edition of its Patch Tuesday update to address security holes in multiple products.

Folks are urged to install the fixes as soon as possible before they are exploited.…

APT Trends report Q2 2017

Since 2014, Kaspersky Labrsquo;s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) has been providing threat intelligence reports to a wide-range of customers worldwide, leading to the delivery of a full and dedicated private reporting service. Prior to the new service offering, GReAT published research online for the general public in an effort to help combat the ever-increasing threat from nation-state and other advanced actors.
38 lines of code later, you're owned.

Good thing the fix is in, eh? McAfee has moved to patch a bug that falls under the “didnrsquo;t you get the memo?” category: among other things, its free Security Scan Plus online tool retrieved information over HTTP – that is, in plain text.…
'SlowLoris' flaw could see a mouse of a machine take down an elephant of a server An SMBv1 bug described late last week at DEF CON won't be patched, because Redmond says it only needs a suitable block on connections coming from the Internet.…
'SlowLoris' vuln could see a mouse of a machine take down an elephant of a server Updated  A Windows SMB vulnerability revealed late last week at DEF CON won't be patched because Microsoft says the service should be firewalled off from the internet anyway.…
Itrsquo;s a Rift-only alpha and lacks comfort features, but it works very, very well.