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Will stop working on July 31, giving it eight total months of life.
Fixes for vulnerabilities spread across 20 products and a Solaris patch that addresses the Spectre processor flaw.
Cisco issues critical patch to stop in-meeting attacks Cisco has patched a serious vulnerability in its WebEx software that lets an attacker remotely execute code on target machines via poisoned Flash files.…
The name, if it has one, is still a mystery.
Study into missed security updates casts doubt on Google's Android patch level system.
It's 2018 and previewing an email can flash your privates at the world Microsoft emitted a patch for all supported versions of Outlook on Patch Tuesday to prevent attackers harvesting credentials from users who simply preview a carefully crafted Rich T...
Systems will still need updated firmware to get the latest microcode, however.
AMD has released microcode updates for Spectre variant 2 that require Microsoft's latest Windows 10 patch.
Attackers can make Outlook leak password hashes just by previewing an RTF-formatted email.
And that's the worst of ten patches awaiting lucky, lucky SAP admins SAP has issued its >April security update, which brings a waiting world news of ten patch-worthy problems.…
List of OG Xbox games that will work on Xbox One will more than double by end of April.
Microsoft's April Patch Tuesday release includes fixes for 66 bugs, 24 of which are rated critical.