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Get patching – there's this auth bypass and loads of other bugs If you're using a Netgear router at home, it's time to get patching.

The networking hardware maker has just released a tsunami of patches for a couple of dozen models of its kit.…
And offers patching tips from US CERT, which it failed to brief on the bugs.
Cisco should do more to help companies secure their network gear, says one customer.
Of all of the various ways in which companies can leverage cloud computing, establishing a cloud-based relational database would seem to be among the most straightforward. While companies may choose to set up their own database servers in the cloud,...
Versions 56 through 58 need patching, pronto Mozilla has patched a nasty security bug in Firefox, affecting versions 56, 57 and 58, and their point updates.…
Great work on patching your own products, but why were smaller tech companies kept in the dark?
Not all systems require full patching for the flaws right now, anyway, experts say.
Widespread reports of reboot issues on some Intel systems force the chip giant to pump the brakes on rolling out patches for side-channel vulnerabilities.
The chip giant believes it has found the root cause of the issue forcing Haswell and Broadwell chips to unexpectedly reboot.
Cause of reboot problems with its Broadwell and Haswell microprocessor patching now identified, the chipmaker said.
Linux guru complains about approach to patching the chip flaw.
Like many, I was at the AWS Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas in December. No surprise—lots going on in the fast-moving world of cloud computing.
In particular, the rise of serverless technology left many asking, what monitoring do you really need i...