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Company also bringing damaged launch pad back online, with significant changes.
"Will be in deep space for a billion years or so if it doesnrsquo;t blow up on ascent."
Trump says “we'll handle it,” but options are severely limited.
The Fregat upper stage sent its satellites back into Earth's atmosphere.
Mobile banking Trojan BankBot uses a unique payload downloading technique to skip past Google Play Protect.
This is the company's third national security mission.
Eight apps found infected with a new Trojan family that ups the ante in obfuscation with four payload stages.
The authors of malware use various techniques to circumvent defensive mechanisms and conceal harmful activity. One of them is the practice of hiding malicious code in the context of a trusted process.

Typically, malware that uses concealment techniques injects its code into a system process, e.g. explorer.exe.

But some samples employ other interesting methods. We're going to discuss one such type of malware.
In September 2017, we discovered a new targeted attack on financial institutions.
Victims are mostly Russian banks but we also found infected organizations in Malaysia and Armenia.
Gaza cybergang is an Arabic politically motivated cyber criminal group, operating since 2012 and is actively targeting the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region.

Gaza cybergang attacks have never slowed down, recent targets by the group does seem to be varied in nature, attackers do not seem to be selectively choosing targets, but rather seeking different kinds of MENA intelligence.
"I think we will see them grab an even bigger slice of the market."
New payload bundled within Necurs botnet attacks allows those carrying out malicious campaigns to check if they're working and improve updates.