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SpaceX looks to break into national security launch market on Sunday

Not much is known about the National Reconnaissance Observatory's NROL-76 satellite.

Hajime, the mysterious evolving botnet

Hajime (meaning ‘beginning’ in Japanese) is an IoT worm that was first mentioned on 16 October 2016 in a public report by RapidityNetworks.
In this blogpost we outline some of the recent ‘improvements’ to Hajime, some techniques that haven’t been made public, and some statistics about infected IoT devices.

Trojan malware campaign targets tax-filers with fake IRS documents

jRAT payload even contains the ability to hack infected machines and use them to take photos

Old Malware Tricks To Bypass Detection in the Age of Big...

Kaspersky Lab has been tracking a targeted attack actor’s activities in Japan and South Korea recently.

This attacker has been using the XXMM malware toolkit, which was named after an original project path revealed through a pdb string inside the… Read Full Article

Microsoft Word 0-day was actively exploited by strange bedfellows

Same exploit used by malware crooks and nation-sponsored hackers targeting Russians.

Unraveling the Lamberts Toolkit

The Lamberts is a family of sophisticated attack tools that has been used by one or multiple threat actors against high-profile victims since at least 2008.

The arsenal includes network-driven backdoors, several generations of modular backdoors, harvesting tools, and wipers.

IBM Discovers Mirai IoT Botnet Deploying Bitcoin Mining Payload

IBM Security researchers have discovered that a variant of the Mirai IoT botnet was doing more than just performing DDoS attacks against targets.

Apache Struts 2 Exploits Installing Cerber Ransomware

Attackers are attempting to exploit the recent Apache Struts vulnerability on Windows servers and the payload is a variant of the Cerber ransomware.

Lazarus Under The Hood

Today we'd like to share some of our findings, and add something new to what's currently common knowledge about Lazarus Group activities, and their connection to the much talked about February 2016 incident, when an unknown attacker attempted to steal up to $851M USD from Bangladesh Central Bank.

SpaceX to launch “silliest thing we can imagine” on debut Falcon...

To save funds, the company plans to employ two used Falcon 9 cores as side boosters.

We may have just witnessed the dawn of truly commercial spaceflight

Next up: 24-hour turnaround from launch to landing to launch.

SpaceX may try a daring rocket fairing recovery tonight, too

SpaceX has also been working on a fairing 2.0, designed with recovery in mind