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Lawyer: Pinedo "had absolutely no knowledge" of buyers' identities or intentions.
Well-known investor reportedly now finds Bay Area "intolerant."
A malicious script injected into OnePlus' payment page went undiscovered for two months.
After Google Checkout, Google Wallet, Android Pay, and Google Tez, there's now Google Pay.
The 19-year-old vulnerability impacts websites from Facebook to Paypal as well as popular software.
Two-decade-old hole lets hackers unlock encrypted data A 19-year-old vulnerability in the TLS network security protocol has been found in the software of at least eight IT vendors and open-source projects – and the bug could allow an attacker to decryp...
Sites vulnerable to newly revived ROBOT exploit included Facebook and PayPal.
How extended validation certificates can be used to scam, not help, end users.
DAILY VIDEO: PayPal unit TIO Networks discloses breach of 1.6 million accounts; Google's Safe Browsing tool will warn about unwanted user data collection; new Intel and AMD chips drive enterprise server growth; and there's more.
Three months after acquiring TIO Networks, PayPal discovers that the payment processor was the victim of a data breach.
PayPal states TIO Networks, a payment processing company it acquired this summer, is not part of its network and PayPal remains unaffected by the breach.
The company says evidence of "unauthorized access" has appeared during a recent investigation.