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Apple must pay $506M for infringing university’s patent

University of Wisconsin may collect $4.35 apiece for millions of iPads and iPhones.

Google tells judge: Don’t let Canada force us to alter US...

Google says Canadian order is “repugnantrdquo; to the First Amendment.

Spring Dragon – Updated Activity

In the beginning of 2017, Kaspersky Lab became aware of new activities by an APT actor we have been tracking for several years called Spring Dragon (also known as LotusBlossom).
Information about the new attacks arrived from a research partner in Taiwan and we decided to review the actorrsquo;s tools, techniques and activities.

A King’s Ransom It is Not

The first half of 2017 began with two intriguing ransomware events, both partly enabled by wormable exploit technology dumped by a group calling themselves “The ShadowBrokersrdquo;.

These WannaCry and ExPetr ransomware events are the biggest in the sense that they spread the quickest and most effectively of known ransomware to date.

Netflix surges to record high as company adds non-US subscribers

There are now more people streaming Netflix outside the US than domestically.

SSSSHHH! Claim your $19 from Ashley Madison class-action settlement

Members who paid $19 for their data to be deleted (it wasn't) might get a refund.

Two judges smack down notorious patent holder “Shipping and Transit” in...

More than 300 lawsuits, more than 800 payouts, but not one decision on the merits.

Twitter users blocked by Trump sue, claim @realDonaldTrump is public forum

Lawsuit adopts a unique constitutional theory about social media rights.

Waymo v. Uber: Alphabet CEO Larry Page will be deposed

Also, Uber's attempt to get documents from competitor Lyft gets squashed.

Drone dropped “tools” enabling inmate to escape, prison officials say

"We believe a drone was used to fly in the tools that allowed him to escape."

Super-litigious patent holder ordered to pay defendant’s legal fees

Shipping and Transit has a habit of dismissing cases when defendants fight back.

RED teases a modular, $1600 titanium Android phone with a 3D...

REDrsquo;s typical hyper-aggressive product design makes for an interesting-looking phone.