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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Opponents have vowed to fight the decision in courts and protest.
In early October, a story was published by the Wall Street Journal alleging Kaspersky Lab software was used to siphon classified data from an NSA employeersquo;s home computer system.

To assist any independent investigators and all the people who have been asking us questions whether those allegations were true, we decided to conduct an internal investigation to attempt to answer a few questions we had related to the article and some others
Not enough? How about a few dozen PDF remote code holes? Microsoft and Adobe are getting into the holiday spirit this month by gorging users and admins with a glut of security fixes.…
Swift tried to use copyright to keep her threat of a lawsuit secret.
Latest ruling might require Google to remove Sci-Hub from search.
"Cosby Show" producers say even 7-second clips amount to copyright infringement.
An annual look at the costs of generating power.
The possibility reignites old tensions, unclear how much effect rules relaxation would have.
One trade secret, one expert, and Otto Truckingmdash;all kicked out of the case.
The P1735 IEEE standard describes methods for encrypting electronic-design intellectual property(IP),as well as the management of access rights for such IP.

The methods are flawed and,in the most egregious cases,enable attack vectors that allow recovery of the entire underlying plaintext IP.
Implementations of IEEE P1735 may be weak to cryptographic attacks that allow an attacker to obtain plaintext intellectual property without the key,among other impacts.
Equustek won an unprecedented global order, but it's unlikely to stick in the US.
Top executives deferred questions on future capex spending for Q4.