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7.5W fast charging with Qi accessories also comes with the update.
Net neutrality rules unnecessary because ISPs will do the right thing, Pai says.
YOTI or Your Own Trusted Identity verifies who you are using biometrics on a free smartphone app.
If it's widely adopted, it could be used for authentication purposes by clubs, supermarkets, websites, governments and other organisations, though it can ...
Microsoft continues its big push in cloud computing and machine learning.
Long-promised features are still coming to fix the "local spawn issue"
Microsoftrsquo;s messaging app follows in footsteps of Instagram and Facebook Messenger.
"Hybrid" approach mixes dedicated servers and some peer-to-peer communication.
In the several years that the Dridex family has existed, there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to block the botnetrsquo;s activity.

The ongoing evolution of the malware demonstrates that the cybercriminals are not about to bid farewell to their brainchild, which is providing them with a steady revenue stream.
Android Go extends and continues past efforts to reduce resource usage.
“Maintenance” man torrents all day, then sells movies for 13 cents a pop.
First-party money transfer service would compete with Paypal, Google, and more.
Law enforcement and government officials don’t like encrypted peer-to-peer chat platforms such as WhatsApp and Jabber because it is harder to eavesdrop on what cybercriminals are planning.

But according to a recent study of global cybercriminal operations, the bulk of criminal discussions don’t happen over encrypted chat.
Skype is the preferred mode of communication among cybercrime gangs worldwide.Skype, owned by Microsoft and widely used by consumers and enterprises, doesn’t encrypt messaging end-to-end the way the secure messaging apps do.

But it is still popular among cybercrime gangs around the world, FlashPoint analysts found in a study of communications platforms used by financially motivated cybercriminals.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here