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It’s time to teach people online self-defense

Despite years of fake news online, we still have no idea how to protect against it.

Inflatable space habitat passes first hurdle, now onto radiation testing

Tests will determine whether inflatables play a role in deep space exploration.

Why your security appliance will be hacked

I’m no world-class hacker/penetration tester, but I’ve been able to break into any organization I’ve been (legally) hired to do so in an hour or less, except for one place that took me three hours.

That was on my second engagement with the customer after it had implemented many of the protections I had recommended during my first visit.Hackers and pen testers typically have areas of specialization.
Some hack point-of-sale terminals, some hack web servers, some hack databases, and some specialize in social engineering. My own area has been focusing on computer security defense appliances—followed by hijacking elevated service/daemon accounts once I was in.

This combination allowed me to break into about 75 percent of my targets.
Sure, there were many other weaknesses, but this one was so prevalent I always went after it first.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

APT Threat Evolution in Q1 2017

Kaspersky Lab is currently tracking more than a hundred threat actors and sophisticated malicious operations in over 80 countries.

During the first quarter of 2017, there were 33 private reports released to subscribers of our Intelligence Services, with IOC data and YARA rules to assist in forensics and malware-hunting.

Ransomware in targeted attacks

Ransomware's popularity has attracted the attention of cybercriminal gangs; they use these malicious programs in targeted attacks on large organizations in order to steal money.
In late 2016, we detected an increase in the number of attacks, the main goal of which was to launch an encryptor on an organization's network nodes and servers.

Wi-Fi sex toy with built-in camera fails penetration test

Svakom's Siime Eye exposes your most intimate moments Sex toy designer Svakom decided that a vibrator needed a camera on the end, and it also needed a Wi-Fi access point – with the utterly predictable result that the device is hackable.…

VU#168699: dotCMS contains multiple vulnerabilities

The dotCMS administration panel is vulnerable to cross-site request forgery,and the"Push Publishing"feature in Enterprise Pro is vulnerable to path traversal and arbitrary file upload. dotCMS versions 3.7.1 and earlier are affected.

Australia’s culture of trust is leaving the country vulnerable: Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab general manager ANZ Peter Brady said it is the laid back, naive culture Australia has that is resulting in such alarming statistics when it comes to mobile banker Trojan penetration.

CarDekho.com’s unique used car loans tool clocks record Rs 100 Cr...

CarDekho.com Trustmark certification and warranty allow consumers to purchase car with complete peace of mind16/Feb/2017 New Delhi: CarDekho.com, India’s leading auto portal, facilitated over Rs 100 cr disbursals in retail Used Car Loans.

The development comes just months after the company announced the launch of its Digital Loan Platform for used car dealers.Loan penetration on used cars has traditionally been low in India due to complications involved in loan discovery and loan processing for used... Source: RealWire

Wind penetration on central US grid hits 52% Sunday night, breaking...

Southwest Power Pool operates transmission lines from Montana to Louisiana.

Hacking The Penetration Test

Penetration testers rarely get spotted, according to a Rapid7 report analyzing its real-world engagements.

Rapid7 Adds IoT Hardware Support to Metasploit Security Testing

Open-source Metasploit penetration testing framework gets new hardware support, enabling researchers to target IoT.