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Will East Texas be able to keep patent cases, despite the...

A single work-at-home salesman may be enough to push ahead with a patent trial.

Amazon Spark is a product discovery social network that looks like Instagram

Amazon makes it easier to shop for desirable products you see in photos.

Congressman asks scientists if they’ve found ancient civilizations on Mars

“Would you rule that out? See, therersquo;s some people... Well, anyway.”

Report: Draft of DOE baseload study says wind, solar don’t threaten...

Trumprsquo;s push to support fossil fuels may not be at the expense of renewable energy.

Waymo v. Uber: Alphabet CEO Larry Page will be deposed

Also, Uber's attempt to get documents from competitor Lyft gets squashed.

France wants to ban sale of gas and diesel cars by...

The countryrsquo;s ambitious plans to stem climate change will be a challenge.

Neanderthal DNA suggests yet another wave of human migration out of...

Evidence for this migration is scant, but growing.

Intel Core i9-7900X review: The fastest chip in the world, but...

When eight-core Ryzen costs £300, do any of these new Intel chips make sense?

Car-charging company is on a tear, buying GE stations, securing investments

Siemens money will help expand European electric vehicle infrastructure.

Pizzagate shooter sentenced to four years in prison

Welch searched for a “corrupt system that kidnaps, tortures, and rapes babies.”

Trump plans to dismantle Obama-era “Startup Visa”

Obama-era rule granted visas to immigrants who lined up $250,000 in capital.

ZeniMax to judge: Block Oculus sales or give us 20%

After trial victory, company also ups damage demand from $500 million to $1 billion