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Bill would recreate core FCC net neutrality rules and be tougher on zero-rating.
Take a peek into the launch day notebook of a pro rocket photographer for a few tips.
Google's computational photography special sauce is open to any app on the Pixel 2.
Net neutrality takes big step forward in California, but lawsuits loom.
Thanks to user-generated content (UGC), our use of video and photography has dramatically increased, resulting in a more challenging task of tracking and categorizing all this unstructured data.
Image and video recognition, or computer vision, has b...
WHO listing renews debate over where to draw the line for "hazardous gaming."
Dr Ilya Romanenko joins from ARM/Apical, bringing expertise in computer vision and image processingCambridge, UK, 7 November 2017, As part of its growth strategy, Spectral Edge (www.spectraledge.co.uk), experts in computational photography using image ...